2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Spotted With Latest Updates


Rolls-Royce’s Cullinan SUV will soon be introduced with a new update. This update can prove to be a thrill for Cullinan SUV customers. According to reports, this will be its first major update after the 2019 model year.

With this update, the Cullinan SUV may also be known as the Cullinan Series II. Because many styling changes can be made in a planned manner as part of the update to the Cullinan SUV, which will enhance its popularity and looks.

Talking about the updated design, the front fascia has been completely updated, which is clearly visible in the photo of the updated model. Its other parts are hidden by gray camouflage gear.

The interiors of the headlights on the updated model of the Cullinan SUV have also been redesigned, and the grille has also been designed with a horizontal line separating the vertical slats at the top.

According to the updated news, the Cullinan aluminum will be offered with a high-riding version of the spaceframe chassis and a twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V-12 that produces a maximum of 563 hp power.

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