Car Door Won’t Open From Inside : Causes & Quick Fixes

car door won't open from inside

When the car is old, doors not opening from inside is a common problem, which every driver must have faced at some point. However, some vehicles have manual locking systems, and modern vehicles use remote locking systems. Currently, most vehicles are equipped with automatic remote locking systems.

In this system, the doors of the vehicle can be locked and unlocked by pressing a button on the remote, and the doors are automatically locked at a certain time while the vehicle is moving. But sometimes, it may be difficult to open a locked door when the driver is inside the vehicle, even if you have the option of another exit door.

Through this article, you will learn in detail about all the possible reasons why the car door does not open from the inside, so that you can try to troubleshoot this problem.

Car Door Won’t Open From Inside – Causes

The most common reason why your car door won’t open from the inside is a broken handle or jammed door latch. Additional causes may include activated child locks, broken cables or linkage rods, rusted components, or a faulty door lock mechanism.

Let us know in detail the reasons for the car door not opening from inside so that we can easily solve this problem.

1. Broken or Damaged Door Handles

If your car door handle is broken or damaged in some other way, this may also make it impossible to open the car door from the inside. Because the lock system of the door is unlocked only by pulling this handle.

2. Faulty Door Latch

The latch plays an important role in locking and unlocking the car door. But sometimes the car door latch mechanism system gets damaged, which can make it impossible to open the car door from inside.

3. Broken Cable or Linkage Rod

The cable or linkage rod of a car door serves to connect the handle and the latch mechanism. Pulling the door handle releases the latch via cable and opens the door. But sometimes, due to the breakage of this cable or linkage rod, the car door does not open from the inside.

4. Activate Child Safety Lock

The function of child safety lock is given in the doors of cars or other modern technology vehicles. The door is unable to open from the inside when the child safety lock button is activated. Child safety lock is provided in the doors of vehicles for safety. So that, the child cannot suddenly open the door from the moving vehicle.

5. Debris or Rusted Components

Sometimes the handle used to unlock the car door, the linkage only, the door latch, and the lock system get clogged with debris or rust. Due to this reason, the car doors become unable to lock or unlock from the inside or outside. Often, this problem occurs when the car is not used for a long time or due to water entering the doors of the car during rainy days.

6. Mechanical Problems

Sometimes, due to damage to the door frame or hinges of the vehicle, there is a problem opening the door of the vehicle from inside or outside. Sometimes, the alignment of the door and the door frame of the vehicle gets out of whack due to a collision. Due to this, the door of the vehicle has to be closed with more force. But opening the door becomes impossible.

7. Problem With Power Window Function

In present times, the function of locking or unlocking the doors of modern technology cars and other vehicles is combined with power windows. But when there is a problem with the function of the power windows on the car doors, the vehicle doors may also be unable to open from the inside.

How To Fix Car Door Won’t Open From Inside

There can be many different reasons for a car door not opening from the inside. You should solve it after checking all its reasons step by step.

1. Check Door Handle

Often, one of the main reasons why your car doors won’t open from the inside is a broken or damaged remote handle. So first of all, check the door handle. If the door handle is broken or corroded, replace it with a new one. The procedure to replace the door handle may vary depending on the car model. For convenience, you can check the service manual of the car.

2. Check Child Safety Lock

Often the reason for the doors of cars and other modern technology vehicles not opening from the inside is due to the activation of the child safety lock. Often, the child safety lock button on the car’s open door is pressed by children, or the driver forgets to deactivate the child safety lock after activating it, due to which the car doors do not open from the inside.

To deactivate the child safety lock in the car, turn off its button from the driver’s window panel, if your vehicle does not have this function, then you have to deactivate the child safety lock by opening the rear door of the car from outside.

3. Lubrication Door Lock Components

Often, the locking and unlocking components of car doors can get stuck due to a lack of lubrication. Because car door latches, linkage rods, and lock systems are made of metal. in which the loss of rust or any other debris is a normal process.

Often, corrosion or debris can cause the door lock system and other components to stop working. Therefore, from time to time, lubricate the door lock and latch so that their functioning remains smooth.

4. Clear Snow

If your vehicle is operating in an environment with cold temperatures, it is natural for a large amount of snow to fall on top of it. Therefore, excess snow can cause your vehicle’s doors to become stuck and the door lock and unlock system to become stuck. In such a situation, if the doors of your car are not able to open, first of all, you have to clean the ice by pouring hot water on the doors and also try to open the door by pushing.

5. Check Door Cable or Linkage Rod

If your car door cable or linkage rod is broken, your car door will not open from the inside. For this, you will need to open the car door panel and check the cable or linkage rod. If the door lock cable or linkage rod is broken, replace it with a new one. If it’s loose, tighten it properly. Sometimes, this cable or linkage rod can get stuck due to corrosion. For this, you can clean it and apply grease, which will eliminate the problem of it getting stuck.

6. Check Door Latches & Locks

At times, there may be a problem with the door latch and lock in your car, due to which the car door does not open from the inside. For this, you need to check the lock and latch. If you experience any problem with the door latch or lock of the car, then get it repaired or replaced with a new one.

7. Check Electronic Component

Sometimes the lock button of your car’s door lock unlock remote is pressed twice consecutively, due to which the system of remote control does not allow the doors to be unlocked. Due to this, the doors of the car become unable to open from inside.

For this, long press the unlock button of remote control, due to which the setting of remote control comes back to the same state or other electronic components related to door lock may also get damaged. For that, check out these electronic components.

How Does Door Lock-Unlock Work In Cars?

A variety of components play an important role in the efficient functioning of a vehicle’s door lock and unlock system. such as: door handles, window latches, lock connector rods or wires, door hinges, door actuators, and door locks. The door lock system of cars and other vehicles consists of a closed cylinder that rotates the latch to open the door and is rotated with a key to operate it inside the vehicle or a remote control fob to control it, in which an electronic lock is used.

Typically, a manual door lock system consists of inserting a key into a vehicle’s door lock and rotating it, and the lock mechanism releases the latch and opens the door. But in an electronic lock system, an electrical signal from a switch or remote control fob activates the electronic lock, causing the lock mechanism to release the latch and the vehicle door to open successfully.

Repair Cost

On average, car door unlock repair costs can range from $80 to $300, and the cost will include the labor cost of the mechanic. But tax is not included in this estimated cost. Car door lock and unlock related parts can cost an average of $50 to $200, and a mechanic’s labor cost to fix the problem and replace the parts can range from $30 to $100.

However, the cost of repair depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the components related to the door lock and unlock system that need to be replaced.


Q. Why is my door handle not working from the inside?

If your car door won’t open from the inside, possible causes could be a broken handle, an activated child lock, or failure of the latch mechanism. Therefore, first investigate the cause and consider repairing or replacing the damaged parts.

Q. How much does it cost to fix a car door that won’t open?

The cost to repair your car door will depend on the damaged parts and the replacement, with an average repair ranging from $80 to $300. You will also have to pay for labor. However, vehicle models and the mechanic’s location can affect this cost.

Q. Can you open a car door manually?

Yes, if you have a vehicle, you can open the top of your car door with a little pressure. After this, a wooden rod or a hard wire can be used to unlock it. But this should be done carefully, as applying too much force may break the door glass.

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