What is Differential Fluid: When Should It Be Changed and Why is It Important?


Generally, changing the differential fluid is a common procedure. But often, it is ignored for a long time. This can cause serious damage to the differential, leaving you with the option of repairing or replacing it. But if you change the differential fluid over time, the vehicle’s differential system may be able to function longer. … Read more

Rear Differential Leak : Causes, Fixes & Repair Cost


Rear differential leak are a common problem in older vehicles and can be seen in fluid leakage around the differential. The rear differential is a main device used in vehicles. But sometimes, due to some reason, leakage problems occur in the rear differential. Through this article, you will get detailed information about rear differential leakage. … Read more

What Is An Axle Seal Leak & How To Detect a Leak?

Axle Seal Leak

Leaking axle seal in vehicles is a common problem that you might have faced. In vehicles, one end of the axle is connected to the wheel, and the other end is connected to the transmission. Axle seal are used to prevent transmission fluid from leaking when the axle rotates. But sometimes, due to age, the axle seal … Read more

How To Change Differential Fluid & Change Cost


Differential is an essential tool in vehicles. Differential systems must be installed in vehicles with three or more wheels. which gives motion to the drive wheels of the vehicle. The differential is usually mounted in the rear axle tube of the vehicle, and in some front-wheel drive vehicles, inside the transmission itself. But vehicles with … Read more

Symptoms Of Bad Driveshaft & Replacement Cost


The driveshaft helps transmit power from the vehicle’s engine to the drive wheels through the transmission. But sometimes some kind of fault occurs in the driveshaft. Due to this, the driving condition of the vehicle may be affected, and your vehicle may vibrate while moving or may stop on the road due to excessive damage. … Read more

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