7 Signs That Your Vehicle’s Serpentine Belt Has Failed: Fixes & Replacement Cost

bad serpentine belt

If the vehicle’s serpentine belt has gone bad, you may notice a variety of symptoms. In fact, the serpentine belt is a vital component in vehicles because it drives the AC compressor, power steering pump, alternator, and water pump when the engine crankshaft rotates. But over time, loosening or wearing out of the serpentine belt … Read more

What Is A Turbocharger : Location, Types, Parts and Working

what is turbocharger

At present, turbochargers are being used in the engines of most modern vehicles, so that the engine performance can be further improved and more power can be obtained. Turbocharger is a main part used in modern engines, which helps in increasing the power of the engine so that the vehicle engine can provide better power … Read more

What Are Engine Valves: Types, Working and Symptoms

engine valves

Valves are extremely important components in any internal combustion engine, allowing exhaust gases to exit as needed and air to enter the combustion chamber. Therefore, valves play a very important role in any internal combustion engine, completing the fuel combustion process. But due to a lack of information, many people do not have complete knowledge … Read more

Causes & Symptoms Of A Seized Engine : How To Check & Fixes

Seized Engine Rebuilt

Engines are an important and high-maintenance part of vehicles. Since most of the functions of the vehicle are operated by the engine, the vehicle operates with the power of the engine. But sometimes, not paying attention to the maintenance of the vehicle’s engine for a long time can cause many problems with the engine. Sometimes … Read more

11 Common Problems After Engine Replacement, That Should Never Ignore

Common Problems After Engine Replacement

The engine is an important part of any vehicle. But many times the engine gets damaged or seized due to any reason, which makes the engine unrepairable or makes engine repair more expensive than engine replacement. Therefore, instead of repairing the damaged engine of their vehicle, vehicle owners get the engine replaced. But often, some … Read more

How To Reset Check Engine Light (In 4 Easy Steps)

check engine light

When the check engine light displays on a vehicle’s dashboard, most vehicle owners look for easy ways to reset the check engine light. In fact, the check engine light coming on is a sign of some kind of problem in the vehicle’s system. The check engine light on a vehicle’s dashboard may turn on for … Read more

9 Causes Of Black Smoke From Exhaust And How To Fix It?

black exhaust smoke

Black smoke from the exhaust can become a serious problem if ignored for a long time, as it is a sign of malfunction or failure of some part in the engine. There are different reasons for white, black and blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of the engine. The color of the exhaust … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad PCV Valve : How To Test It & Replacement Cost

pcv valve

The PCV valve is a vital component of the internal combustion engine, controlling the pressure of harmful gases from the crankcase and promoting efficient combustion in vehicles. But sometimes, when the PCV valve of the engine gets damaged or blocked, many engine-related problems can arise, affecting the functioning of the engine. Through this post, you … Read more

Why Is Your Car Not Accelerating Properly : Causes & Quick Fixes


A car not accelerating properly can be a really serious problem if you have been facing it for a long time. Most cars use internal combustion engines, which require flammable fuel to run. Acceleration is given to the engine to increase the speed of the car. But sometimes the speed of the car does not … Read more

Why Does Your Car Jerks When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

steering wheel

Car Jerks When accelerating, it can be a serious problem. Because this is a sign of engine failure, fuel failure, or electrical system failure. If the problems are not properly resolved in time, they start creating problems for the engine, and the engine starts losing its power performance. Through this article, we will know in … Read more

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