What Is A Valve Cover Gasket : Symptoms & Replacement Cost

valve cover gasket

The symptoms of a leaking valve cover gasket in an engine can be really worrying if not taken care of in time. Because valve covers gasket are an important component of the engine, they serve to cover the valves and other components in the engine head, preventing any foreign debris from entering the valves and … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad Timing Chain And Replacement Cost

timing chain

Sometimes ignoring the symptoms of a bad timing chain or belt can cause your vehicle’s engine to seize completely. Because the timing chain or belt is an important component in any internal combustion engine, it plays an important role in the efficient operation of any internal combustion engine. In this post, we will learn in … Read more

What Are Piston Rings : Types, Funtion, Meterials, Clearance & Symptoms

piston rings

An internal combustion engine uses many useful parts, some of which are visible externally and some of which are internal. Such as pistons, rings, valves, crankshafts, and timing chains. The piston ring is a vital component in a vehicle engine that works to seal the compression in the engine’s combustion chamber. Worn piston rings in … Read more

What is An Engine Flush : Everything You Need To Know


There are many products available in the automotive sector for vehicle engine maintenance and better performance that reduce the cost of vehicle engine repairs that need to be done from time to time. Typically, a vehicle’s engine oil needs to be changed every 8,000 to 13,000 miles. Engine oil is usually changed in a simple … Read more

White Smoke From Exhaust : Causes, Fixes And Repair Cost


White smoke coming from the exhaust in a vehicle can be a serious problem, which is always a sign of a problem with the vehicle’s engine. However, the presence of white smoke depends on the problem in the engine. Because sometimes white smoke comes for some time only at the start of the engine. After … Read more

Symptoms of A Bad Engine Mount : Location & Replacement Cost

engine mount

If damaged engine mounts are not replaced in time, they can cause problems like noise and vibration in the vehicle. The engine mount is a vital component that connects the engine and transmission to the vehicle’s chassis and prevents engine noise from entering the vehicle cabin. But sometimes engine mounts get damaged or broken as … Read more

10 Reasons Car Won’t Accelerate But RPMs Go Up

car won't accelerate but rpms go up

Car won’t accelerate, but RPMs go up, which is a serious problem in older vehicles. RPM in vehicles refers to the rotational speed of the vehicle’s engine. But you might have faced the “car won’t accelerate but RPM go up” problem at some point or another. Because often, when the car gets old or due … Read more

Causes & Signs Of A Failure Turbocharger : Repair & Replacement Cost

failure turbocharger

Turbochargers are used in most internal combustion engines. A turbocharger in a vehicular engine accelerates the fuel process in the inner chamber and increases the power of the engine. But sometimes the turbocharger installed in the engine fails due to various reasons and directly affects the performance and power of the engine. There are many … Read more

Car Struggles To Start But Runs Fine : Causes & Quick Fixes

car struggles to start but runs fine

The car struggles to start but runs fine. This is often a starting problem with cars. If your car struggles to start but runs fine, it’s important to know what’s causing it. Because it can be more difficult to start in the winter and when the engine is cold, in many cases, the engine of … Read more

What Is Engine Misfire : Causes, Symptoms & Solutions

engine misfire

Many times, the problem of cylinder misfire occurs in the internal combustion engine. The engine is an important part of the vehicle because it provides power to move the vehicle and operate other components. But sometimes, due to some reason, the engine starts misfiring, which has a bad effect on the power performance of the … Read more

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