What Is a Catalytic Converter & What Does It Do?


  The exhaust fumes from the engines of vehicles running on diesel, gasoline, and other gases emit toxic gases, which can harm people and the environment in the surrounding area. Smoke from vehicle exhaust contains a variety of unburned hydrocarbons and harmful gases. Catalytic converters are used to convert these hydrocarbon gases into compounds. In … Read more

Symptoms of A Bad Catalytic Converter & How To Clean It?

catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is installed with the vehicle’s exhaust system, which is necessary equipment for every vehicle. The catalytic converter reduces pollution in the exhaust gases. But sometimes the catalytic converter installed in vehicles gets damaged or clogged, due to which you see many symptoms related to the catalytic converter. In this article, you will … Read more

9 Causes Of Black Smoke From Exhaust And How To Fix It?

black exhaust smoke

Black smoke from the exhaust can become a serious problem if ignored for a long time, as it is a sign of malfunction or failure of some part in the engine. There are different reasons for white, black and blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of the engine. The color of the exhaust … Read more

6 Symptoms Of An Exhaust Manifold Leak And Repair Cost

exhaust manifold leaking

Exhaust manifolds are vital parts in a vehicle’s engine, removing exhaust gases from the engine and reducing engine noise. But sometimes, due to some reason, the exhaust manifold starts leaking, due to which you have to face many exhaust-related problems in the vehicle. Through this article, we will get detailed information about the symptoms of … Read more

9 Symptoms of A Bad EGR Valve : Location & Replacement Cost

symptoms of bad EGR valve

If there is any kind of fault in the EGR system of the vehicle, then you may see many symptoms of its malfunction. Whenever your vehicle’s exhaust gas recirculation system breaks down, the vehicle engine may face many problems. In this post, we will discuss in detail only the most typical symptoms of EGR valve … Read more

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