Why Are Your Windshield Wipers Not Working & How To Fix Them?

windshield wipers not working

Often, windshield wipers not working during rainy or foggy weather can cause serious problems. Because if wipers do not work in rainy or foggy conditions, it may reduce your visibility, and you will have problems in driving. Windshield wipers are components used to clean the windshield of a vehicle. But sometimes windshield wipers stop working … Read more

Toyota Pre-Collision System Malfunction : Causes and Fixes

Pre Collision System Malfunction

Toyota vehicles have a pre-collision system to warn the driver before hitting an object, which helps reduce the chance of a collision with the vehicle. But if the Toyota Pre-Collision System malfunctions for some reason, it can become a significant cause of an accident if the driver completely relies on this system. However, there can … Read more

Why 2013 & 2015 VW Passat Trunk Won’t Open : Causes & Solutions

VW Passat Trunk Won't Open

Sometimes, VW Passat trunk won’t open can be more difficult and challenging. If you have gone out for some work or outing in your VW Passat car, then suddenly there may be a problem opening the trunk of the vw car. However, it may be easier for you to open it if you know what … Read more

Car Door Won’t Open From Inside : Causes & Quick Fixes

car door won't open from inside

When the car is old, doors not opening from inside is a common problem, which every driver must have faced at some point. However, some vehicles have manual locking systems, and modern vehicles use remote locking systems. Currently, most vehicles are equipped with automatic remote locking systems. In this system, the doors of the vehicle … Read more

Symptoms of A Bad Engine Mount : Location & Replacement Cost

engine mount

If damaged engine mounts are not replaced in time, they can cause problems like noise and vibration in the vehicle. The engine mount is a vital component that connects the engine and transmission to the vehicle’s chassis and prevents engine noise from entering the vehicle cabin. But sometimes engine mounts get damaged or broken as … Read more

Water Leaking In Car When It Rains : 9 Causes & How To Fix It

water leaking in car when it rains

Water leaking in the car when it rains is a common problem in old cars. Often when the car is taken out in the rain or parked somewhere in the open, rainwater starts leaking inside the car, due to which moisture starts accumulating in the cabin, due to which a strange smell starts coming. In … Read more

Why Do Your Car Headlights Flicker : Causes & Fixes

Headlights Flickering

Many times, while driving on the road at night, the headlights of your car suddenly stop or the headlights start flickering. The flickering of headlights in vehicles is a serious problem. Because it can also become the reason for the accident in your vehicle. Headlights flickering can damage your vehicle’s wiring. Through this article, we … Read more

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