What Is A Tie Rod End : Types, Symptoms & Replacement Cost

tie rod end

Typically, the steering system of vehicles consists of several important parts that help control and turn the vehicle, such as ball joints, rack and pinion, and tie rod ends. Tie rod ends play an important role in the functioning of a vehicle’s steering system. But sometimes, on rough and broken roads, excessive wear or other … Read more

What Are Bad Ball Joints : Symptoms & Replacement Cost

bad ball joint symptoms

Many parts are used in the suspension system of vehicles, which protects the vehicle from potholes and breaker shocks and helps in maintaining the balance of the vehicle. Similarly, the ball joint is one of the most important parts of the suspension system. On which the entire balance of the vehicle depends. But sometimes the … Read more

Why Does Your Car Makes Noise When Turning : Causes & How To Fix It

steering wheel

If your car makes noise when turning, it could be due to a problem with the car’s suspension, steering system or wheel assembly. Generally, it is a normal process for many parts of the steering and suspension system to wear and tear as they age, causing noise when the car turns. Through this article, you … Read more

Why Does Your Steering Wheel Shake When Braking : Causes & Quick Fixes

steering wheel

Steering wheel shaking when braking can become a serious problem if this problem is ignored for a long time. The function of steering in vehicles is to turn and control the vehicle in any direction. But sometimes you may have to face many problems regarding the steering system. Like, steering wheel shakes when braking. In … Read more

Why Is Your Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment?

Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment

In vehicles, wheel alignment is an important task that needs to be done from time to time. But sometimes, after the alignment of your vehicle, the steering wheel is not straight. Although it is not a serious problem, the steering wheel not being straight can affect the driving experience of the vehicle. In many cases, … Read more

Steering Rack And Pinion Leak : Symptoms, Causes & Repair Cost


Steering rack and pinion leaks are a common problem in vehicles, which can often be seen as the vehicle gets older or due to a lack of maintenance. The steering rack and pinion are vital parts used in the steering system of almost all vehicles. If the rack and pinion are not taken care of … Read more

What Is A Rack and Pinion Steering : Types, Parts & Replacement Cost

rack and pinion steering

Steering is an essential part of every vehicle, in which the rack and pinion play an important role. Because without it, the vehicle cannot be controlled in any direction. But do you know how steering works? And what parts are used in steering? The main two parts commonly used in steering are “rack and pinion.” … Read more

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