How To Program A Key Fob (With Easy & Safe Process)

How To Program a Key Fob

Often, vehicle owners are seen searching for “how to program the key fob.” When their vehicle key is lost or reset. The vehicle user then programs a second key fob. In vehicles, a key fob is a small, compact electronic gadget, often resembling a small remote control. Key fobs are used to open the doors … Read more

11 Common Problems After Engine Replacement, That Should Never Ignore

Common Problems After Engine Replacement

The engine is an important part of any vehicle. But many times the engine gets damaged or seized due to any reason, which makes the engine unrepairable or makes engine repair more expensive than engine replacement. Therefore, instead of repairing the damaged engine of their vehicle, vehicle owners get the engine replaced. But often, some … Read more

Why Is Your Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment?

Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment

In vehicles, wheel alignment is an important task that needs to be done from time to time. But sometimes, after the alignment of your vehicle, the steering wheel is not straight. Although it is not a serious problem, the steering wheel not being straight can affect the driving experience of the vehicle. In many cases, … Read more

Car Key Won’t Turn In Ignition : Causes & How To Fix It

Key in ignition

The key won’t turn in the ignition, there is an ignition-related problem in vehicles. Due to this problem, the key in the vehicle’s ignition switch system does not turn, and the ignition system is unable to turn on. In many cases, the steering wheel stops locking or may get stuck in the locking position. As … Read more

Car Turns Off While Driving But Turns Back On : Causes & Quick Solutions

Car Turns Off While Driving

The car turns off while driving but turns back on. You must have come across this problem in vehicles at some point or another. There can be some simple as well as serious reasons for this problem in vehicles. Sometimes, due to some debris in the fuel line or software error, this problem fixes itself … Read more

Why is My Check Engine Light Blinking : Causes & Fixes

Check engine light

Many times we see that suddenly the check engine light starts blinking on the dashboard of our car, and without knowing the reason, we do not know why is my check engine light blinking. Actually, there can be many reasons for the check engine light blinking in any vehicle, such as failure of a sensor, … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs : 10 Causes & Solutions

Rotten Eggs Smell in Car

The interiors of the vehicle are designed to give a comfortable and aesthetic look, to provide a comfortable ride for the occupants, and for easy cleaning of the inside of the vehicle. But sometimes, as soon as you sit inside the car, the whole cabin starts smelling like rotten eggs. This smell can be felt … Read more

Why Is Your Car Shakes When Idle : Causes & Fixes

Car Shakes When Idle

Car shaking when idle can be a complex problem, as it can have many serious causes and can greatly affect the functioning of the engine. Engines are an important part of vehicles. But in many cases, due to some problem, the engine of the vehicle starts vibrating at idle, and the jerk or vibration stops … Read more

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