What is A Front-End Alignment and Why is It Important?


Alignment of vehicles’ wheels is performed in several ways, including four-wheel alignment and front-end alignment, which can be performed both using a digital scanner and manually. So you should know about front-end wheel alignment in detail so that you can know the difference between all four wheels of the vehicle and front-end alignment. What Is … Read more

Tire Went Flat Overnight But Now Holds Air : 5 Causes & How To Prevent

tires flat

The tire went flat overnight but now holds air, this is a common problem faced by vehicles. Every vehicle owner must have faced this type of problem at one time or another. Sometimes when we drive the vehicle, the air pressure in the tire remains constant, but when the vehicle is parked for a long … Read more

What is A Wheel Alignment & Why is it Important?


Vehicle wheel alignment adjustment is a special type of adjustment that helps in turning the vehicle’s wheels in a straight line and at a parallel angle, thereby eliminating any excess friction on the vehicle’s wheels. In this post, we will learn about the wheel alignment of a vehicle and why it is important. What is … Read more

What Are Tire Valve Stem : Types, Working, Symptoms & Replacement Cost

tire stem valve

Proper air pressure in the tires of any vehicle is very important because improper air pressure in the tire can damage the tire. Tire valve stems are used to control the air pressure in the tires of vehicles and to fill the tires with air, which maintains the air pressure in the tire, preventing the … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad CV Joint Axle & Replacement Cost

cv joint

If you notice symptoms of a bad CV joint, then it really becomes a matter of concern. Because many different components play an important role in the operation of a vehicle’s wheel, Such as axles, CV joints, and transmissions. These components transfer the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels. The CV joint is a vital … Read more

Where Is The TPMS Reset Button & How To Reset Tire Pressure Light?


The TPMS symbol on a vehicle’s dashboard indicates a problem with the “tire pressure monitoring system.” Whenever there is irregular air pressure or low pressure in one or more of your vehicle’s tires, the TPMS warning light displays on your vehicle’s dashboard. But sometimes, even after correcting the tire pressure, the TPMS warning light on … Read more

7 Symptoms Of A Bad Wheel Bearing And Replacement Cost

Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing

If you notice symptoms of a bad wheel bearing in your vehicle, it can be a cause for concern if it is not taken care of in time. Bearings are installed in the wheels of vehicles to smooth the movement and reduce friction. But sometimes the wheel bearings of the vehicle get damaged, due to … Read more

Why Are Front Tires Wearing on The Outside Edge : Causes & Prevention

tire wear on the outside edge

Tires are a useful part of any vehicle. Tires also protect the vehicle from road shocks and play an important role during braking. But sometimes, due to some reason, the outer edge of the vehicle tires wears abnormally, due to which the performance of the vehicle tires is adversely affected. In this post, we will … Read more

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