What Does A Service Shifter Light Mean In A Jeep Cherokee and How To Fix It?

jeep cherokee service shifter

If you are a Jeep Cherokee user, you must be aware of the warning signs that suddenly appear on its dashboard. Because sometimes these warning signs on the dashboard can also be a sign of a serious problem related to the engine or transmission. Sometimes suddenly the service shifter warning light in Jeep Cherokee starts … Read more

Why is Automatic Transmission Not Shifting Into High Gear?

automatic transmissio shifter

An automatic transmission not shifting into high gear is a real concern, especially when you’re on the road. Automatic transmission systems are used in modern vehicles to make driving smooth and convenient. But sometimes the automatic transmission does not shift into high gear. If we examine the reasons why an automatic transmission does not shift … Read more

Automatic & Manual Hard Shifting Transmission : Cause & Fixes

hard shifting manual transmission

There are generally two types of transmissions used in cars or other vehicles. Manual transmission and automatic transmission. But sometimes there is a problem with gear hard shifting in manual and automatic transmissions. The gear shifting problem is mostly observed while downshifting from high to low gear. Through this article, you will learn in detail … Read more

What Is An Axle Seal Leak & How To Detect a Leak?

Axle Seal Leak

Leaking axle seal in vehicles is a common problem that you might have faced. In vehicles, one end of the axle is connected to the wheel, and the other end is connected to the transmission. Axle seal are used to prevent transmission fluid from leaking when the axle rotates. But sometimes, due to age, the axle seal … Read more

Transmission Whining Noise When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

tranmission whining noise

Many parts of a vehicle play an important role in the successful running of cars and other vehicles. such as the engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, tires and electric system. Transmission is also a very important part of any vehicle. Two types of transmission are commonly used. Manual transmission and automatic transmission. But sometimes, with the … Read more

What Is A Torque Converter : Parts & How Does It Work?

what is a torque converter

Automatic transmissions have been gaining popularity in vehicles for quite some time now. At present, in the field of automotive, most of the small and big vehicles are being brought with automatic transmission. Unlike manual transmission vehicles, automatic transmission vehicles do not use a clutch. Rather, an automatic transmission uses a torque converter. In this … Read more

Signs of Transmission Slipping & How To Fix It

signs of transmission slipping

The signs of transmission slipping can really be a concern for drivers. Because if the vehicle is driven for a long time with the transmission slipping, it can badly damage the engine and transmission of the vehicle. In many cases, transmission slipping can also damage the drive shaft. In this post, we will discuss in … Read more

How To Check Transmission Fluid & Change Cost


Transmission is an extremely important part of any vehicle, and transmission fluid also plays an important role in providing lubrication to the transmission and keeping the internal parts of the transmission working smoothly without friction. Therefore, it is important to check the transmission fluid from time to time. Because transmission fluid levels becoming low or … Read more

11 Signs Of A Bad Transmission And Repair Cost


If the signs of a bad transmission are not noticed in time, it can cause serious damage to the transmission. In many cases, a bad transmission can have a negative impact on the engine. Transmission is a useful part of any vehicle and is responsible for transferring and removing engine power to the wheels of … Read more

What Is A Transmission in Automobile : Tyeps, Location and Working

what is a transmission

The transmission unit of the vehicle is one of its most important parts; without it, we cannot move the car by giving it engine power. A translation unit is used to move each vehicle. Be it manual transmission or automatic transmission. Through this article, we will get detailed information about the transmission of the vehicle. … Read more

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