China EV Maker Zeekr Introduces Fast-Charging LFP Battery


China EV maker Zeekr has launched the Golden Battery, which is a major achievement in electric vehicle technology. The Golden Battery is an 800 volt LFP ultra-fast charging battery.

These batteries will achieve 83.7% volume utilization and 500 kWh of maximum charging power. These golden batteries provide a range of over 400km with just 15 minutes of charging, making them highly safe to survive extreme tests without catching fire or exploding.

Zeekr aims to build 1,000 charging stations by the end of 2024, and these fast charging stations will have more than 10,000 360+ kW charging units.

Zeekr has reportedly successfully inaugurated 407 fast-charging stations, comprising more than 2,300 individual chargingunits,s and plans to build more than 10,000 supercharging stations by the end of 2026.

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