Toyota Pre-Collision System Malfunction : Causes, Fixes & How To Reset

Pre Collision System Malfunction

Pre-collision systems are used by vehicles to reduce the damage caused by an accident or to warn the driver before the vehicle collides with something. In many vehicles, a pre-collision system can automatically apply the brakes, which helps reduce the likelihood of a collision with the vehicle. But if the Toyota pre-collision system is discussed … Read more

Why Your Windshield Wipers Not Working : Reasons, Fixes & Replacement Cost

windshield wipers not working

Often, windshield wipers not working during rainy or foggy weather can be a serious problem. A windshield wiper in vehicles is an electronic and mechanical device used to clean the front windshield of vehicles. The speed of the wiper is controlled by the driver from inside the vehicle, as per the requirement. But sometimes windshield … Read more

Symptoms of A Bad Engine Mount : Location & Replacement Cost

engine mount

Bad engine mounts can cause problems like noise and vibration in the vehicle if they are not replaced in time when they become damaged. Engine mounts are a vital component that connects the engine and transmission to the vehicle’s chassis. But sometimes the engine mounts get damaged or cracked as they age, which can cause … Read more

Car Door Won’t Open From Inside : Causes & Quick Solutions

car door won't open from inside

Car doors not opening from inside are a common problem in cars. Some vehicles have manual locking systems, and modern vehicles use remote locking systems. At present, most vehicles are equipped with automatic remote locking systems. In this system, the doors of the vehicle can be locked and unlocked by pressing a button on the … Read more

Water Leaking In Car When It Rains : 9 Causes & How To Fix It

water leaking in car when it rains

“Water leaking in the car when it rains” is a common problem in old cars. Often, when the car is taken out in the rain or parked somewhere in the open, rainwater starts leaking inside the car. Due to this, moisture starts accumulating in the cabin, causing a strange smell. In many cases, water seeping … Read more

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