Why Does Your Car Jerks When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

steering wheel

Car Jerks When accelerating, it can be a serious problem. Because this is a sign of engine failure, fuel failure, or electrical system failure. If the problems are not properly resolved in time, they start creating problems for the engine, and the engine starts losing its power performance. Through this article, we will know in … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Filter and Replacement Cost

bad fuel filter symptoms

The symptoms of a bad fuel filter can severely affect vehicle performance. The fuel system of any internal combustion engine uses many parts to ensure that the engine operates efficiently. Similarly, the fuel gets cleared from the filter and travels to the injector or fuel pump, where the fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber … Read more

How To Clean Fuel Injectors : 11 Easy Steps

how to clean a fuel injectors

Many times we see that the performance and mileage of our car suddenly reduce, due to which the problem of excessive smoke from the exhaust of the vehicle is seen. In many cases, clogged fuel injectors cause the engine to misfire, which directly impacts engine performance. When fuel injectors fail, a pungent smell of raw … Read more

9 Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Injectors : Cleaning & Replacement Cost

fuel injectors symptoms

The fuel system of a vehicle’s internal combustion engine uses a number of parts, due to which the engine starts successfully and provides power. The fuel injector is one of the important parts in the fuel system of the engine, it injects fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine with the timing of the … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor & Replacement Cost

symptoms of a bad fuel pressure sensor

In order for a vehicle’s internal combustion engine to run successfully, many different parts are used in the engine’s fuel assembly. such as a fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injector, fuel common rail, and fuel pressure sensor. All these parts play an important role in the successful operation of the engine. Through this article, we … Read more

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