What Is A Rack and Pinion Steering : Types, Parts & Replacement Cost

rack and pinion steering

Steering is an essential part of every vehicle, in which the rack and pinion play an important role. Because without it, the vehicle cannot be controlled in any direction. But do you know how steering works? And what parts are used in steering? The main two parts commonly used in steering are “rack and pinion.” … Read more

What Is A Transmission in Automobile : Tyeps, Location and Working

what is a transmission

The transmission unit of the vehicle is one of its most important parts; without it, we cannot move the car by giving it engine power. A translation unit is used to move each vehicle. Be it manual transmission or automatic transmission. Through this article, we will get detailed information about the transmission of the vehicle. … Read more

Why is Your Gear Shift Stuck in Park? : Causes & Fixes

gear shift stuck in park

Gear shift stuck in park; this problem is often seen in automatic transmission. Because the workings of an automatic transmission are different from those of a manual transmission, In vehicles, automatic transmissions typically operate based on fluid and sensor signals, making the mechanism of an automatic transmission more sensitive than that of a manual transmission. … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs : 10 Causes & Solutions

Rotten Eggs Smell in Car

The interiors of the vehicle are designed to give a comfortable and aesthetic look, to provide a comfortable ride for the occupants, and for easy cleaning of the inside of the vehicle. But sometimes, as soon as you sit inside the car, the whole cabin starts smelling like rotten eggs. This smell can be felt … Read more

Why Is Your Car Shakes When Idle : Causes & Fixes

Car Shakes When Idle

Car shaking when idle can be a complex problem, as it can have many serious causes and can greatly affect the functioning of the engine. Engines are an important part of vehicles. But in many cases, due to some problem, the engine of the vehicle starts vibrating at idle, and the jerk or vibration stops … Read more

9 Symptoms of A Bad EGR Valve : Location & Replacement Cost

symptoms of bad EGR valve

If there is any kind of fault in the EGR system of the vehicle, then you may see many symptoms of its malfunction. Whenever your vehicle’s exhaust gas recirculation system breaks down, the vehicle engine may face many problems. In this post, we will discuss in detail only the most typical symptoms of EGR valve … Read more

P0302 Code : Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected : Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Cost


In many cases, the P0302 code may indicate a serious engine problem. Modern vehicles sometimes display a variety of fault codes, indicating problems with the functioning of different parts of the vehicle. Similarly, in modern vehicles, the P0302 code also indicates a misfire in the number 2 cylinder of the engine. Based on the identification … Read more

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