Peterbilt Model 579 Adds Bendix Wingman Advanced Safety System

Peterbilt Model 579

Peterbilt is a well-known name in the North American trucking industry, which keeps improving the technology and other safety features of its vehicles from time to time so that Peterbilt can meet the reliability of consumers.

Recently, Peterbilt announced advanced standard collision mitigation features on the Model 579 with the Bendix® FusionTM safety system. This safety feature is brought about by Fusion Stop and Auto-GoTM. These safety features on Peterbilt’s 579 models assist drivers in heavy traffic situations with active cruise and braking to zero mph if necessary and provide more effective control of the vehicle.

The Fusion Stop and Auto-GoTM functionality is said to keep Peyerbilt’s Model 579 in place following an automatic braking event and then automatically resume acceleration to the initial, pre-set cruise speed without driver intervention. , when the truck will be able to safely proceed with the following distance.

Under this safety feature, the Fusion Stop & Go features will be fully integrated with the best-in-class 15 Peterbilt Digital Display, and all the alerts will be displayed on this display for the driver, and these alerts will be followed by audio commands to promote safety on the road. Are also displayed together.

If we talk about Peterbilt’s Model 579, it is the most technologically advanced and fuel-efficient truck on the road today. Many other safety features are already included in this model. But the integration of these new advanced safety system features and functionality into the Peterbilt Model 579 enhances the driver experience and convenience, giving the driver more control over the truck in any situation.

If we talk about the safety features on Peterbilt’s Model 579, it includes collision mitigation technologies like highway lane departure braking, multi-lane emergency braking, and stable vehicle braking, among other safety features, which make it more reliable in terms of safety features. Is.

If you want more information about the safety features of this model, you can visit the link given below. or for more information

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