What Is A Tie Rod End : Types, Symptoms & Replacement Cost

tie rod end

The steering assembly of cars and other vehicles consists of several vital parts that help control and turn the vehicle. The steering assembly of vehicles includes parts such as ball joints, rack and pinion, and tie rod ends. All these parts help in controlling and turning the vehicles. The tie rod end also plays an … Read more

What Are Bad Ball Joints : Symptoms & Replacement Cost

bad ball joint symptoms

Many parts are used in the suspension system of vehicles, which helps the vehicle maintain balance, and the steering system works. The suspension system protects the vehicle from potholes and breaker shocks. Thus, the ball joint is one of the most important parts of the suspension system. On which the entire balance of the vehicle … Read more

10 Reasons Why Car Makes Noise When Turning & How To Fix It

steering wheel

Making noise while the car is turning is a common problem. When cars and other vehicles get old, strange noises start coming when turning the car. Because it is a common process for many parts of the steering and suspension systems of vehicles to wear out and break as they age, which causes noise when … Read more

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking : 6 Causes & Quick Fixes

steering wheel

Steering wheel shaking when braking can be a serious problem as vehicles get older. If this problem is ignored for a long time, it may become worse. Suspension and steering components are used to control and stabilize any vehicle. The function of steering in vehicles is to turn and control the vehicle in any direction. … Read more

Why Is Your Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment?

Steering Wheel Not Straight After Alignment

In vehicles, wheel alignment is an important task that needs to be done from time to time. But sometimes, after the alignment of your vehicle, the steering wheel is not straight. Although it is not a serious problem, the steering wheel not being straight can affect the driving experience of the vehicle. In many cases, … Read more

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