Subaru Recall On Over 95K Crosstreks, Foresters, Legacys & Outbacks Popular Models


Subaru has recalled approximately over 95K of its vehicles. These vehicles are 2021–23 year models. If reports are to be believed, the main reason for the recall of these vehicles is due to the defect related to the rearview image, due to which many vehicles of model year 2021-2023 will be recalled, so that the defects in the vehicles of these model years can be corrected. .

Affected by Subaru’s recall are model years 2021 Crosstreks, 2022 Foresters, and 2021-2023 Legacy and Outback.

Due to the defects in this model year, Subaru is sending owner notification letters as part of the recall on January 8, 2024, so that vehicle owners can get their vehicles repaired at their dealership.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that a faulty weld may cause water to leak externally into the stop switch in vehicles, disrupting the switch’s functionality and resulting in complete failure of the switch.

Newer cars are often considered safer in terms of safety, yet road accidents and deaths continue to increase due to assembly defects. An inhibitor switch may prevent the reverse lights from illuminating and the rearview camera image from being displayed, increasing the risk of a crash.

Owners of Subaru vehicles can have the interrupt switch replaced free of charge from a Subaru dealer, allowing vehicle owners to have this defect repaired at no additional cost.

Consumers can call company customer service at (800) 782-2783 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236. Apart from this, consumers can visit the site.

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