What Is Tire Balancing : Symptoms, Causes & Balancing Cost

wheel balancing

Tires are extremely useful parts of all vehicles because they allow the vehicle to move, and the tires balance and control the weight of the vehicle. Tires also play an important role in the brake system of the vehicle. But sometimes the tires of the vehicle become unbalanced, which causes vibrations and jerks in the … Read more

What Are Tire Valve Stem : Types, Working, Symptoms (& Replacement Cost)

tire stem valve

The proper air pressure in the tires of any vehicle is very important. Low or high air pressure in the tire can cause tire damage. The tire valve stem is used to control the air pressure in the tires of vehicles and to fill the air in the tires. The tire valve stem maintains air … Read more

8 Symptoms Of Bad Wheel Bearing (& Replacement Cost)

Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing

Different types of bearings are installed to keep different parts of the vehicle running smoothly, making the movement of any equipment rotating on the vehicle more smooth and easy. Such as bearings in vehicle engines, transmissions, axles, and wheels. But sometimes the wheel bearings of the vehicle get damaged, due to which many problems are … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad CV Joint (& Replacement Cost)

cv joint

Many different components play important roles in the operation of a vehicle’s wheel assembly. Such as axles, CV joints, and transmissions. These components transfer the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels. The CV joint is a main component among these components and transfers the power of the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. No … Read more

Tire Went Flat Overnight But Now Holds Air : 5 Causes & How To Prevent

tires flat

The tire went flat overnight but now holds air, this is a common problem faced by vehicles. Every vehicle owner must have faced this type of problem at one time or another. Sometimes when we drive the vehicle, the air pressure in the tire remains constant, but when the vehicle is parked for a long … Read more

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