Automatic Transmission Not Shifting Into High Gear : Causes & Fixes

automatic transmissio shifter

Automatic transmissions not shifting into high gear are a serious problem. At present, automatic transmission systems are used in most modern vehicles. So that the operation of vehicles can be made more smooth and convenient. Because the clutch pedal is not used in automatic transmission systems as it is in manual transmission systems, But sometimes … Read more

Why is Your Gear Shift Stuck in Park? : Causes & Fixes

gear shift stuck in park

Gear shift stuck in park; this problem is often seen in automatic transmission. Because the workings of an automatic transmission are different from those of a manual transmission, In vehicles, automatic transmissions typically operate based on fluid and sensor signals, making the mechanism of an automatic transmission more sensitive than that of a manual transmission. … Read more

What Is An Axle Seal Leak : Causes, How To Replacing & Cost

Axle Seal Leak

Axle seal Leaking are a common problem in vehicles. With the help of axle transmission, the power of the engine is transmitted to the wheels of the vehicle, which gives it speed. In vehicles, one end of the axle is attached to the wheel and the other end is attached to the transmission, and an axle … Read more

Transmission Whining Noise When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

tranmission whining noise

Many parts of a vehicle play an important role in the successful running of cars and other vehicles. such as the engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, tires and electric system. Transmission is also a very important part of any vehicle. Two types of transmission are commonly used. Manual transmission and automatic transmission. But sometimes, with the … Read more

What Is A Torque Converter : Parts & How Does It Work?

what is a torque converter

Automatic transmissions have been gaining popularity in vehicles for quite some time now. At present, in the field of automotive, most of the small and big vehicles are being brought with automatic transmission. Unlike manual transmission vehicles, automatic transmission vehicles do not use a clutch. Rather, an automatic transmission uses a torque converter. In this … Read more

18 Reasons For A Hard Shifting Transmission (In Automatic & Manual)

hard shifting manual transmission

There are generally two types of transmissions used in cars or other vehicles. Manual transmission and automatic transmission. But sometimes there is a problem with gear shifting in manual and automatic transmissions. The gear shifting problem is mostly observed while downshifting from high to low gear. Through this article, you will learn in detail about … Read more

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