Top 10 Biggest Trucks in The World

Terex MT 6300AC

Payload capacity: 400 tons. Operates in some of the world's largest mining operations.

BelAZ 75710

Payload capacity: 450 tons. Dominates the mining industry with its massive size and power

Caterpillar 797F

Payload capacity: 400 tons. Designed for the harshest mining conditions, combining power and agility.

Komatsu 980E-4

Payload capacity: 400 tons. Showcases Japanese engineering prowess in the mining industry.

Caterpillar 797B

Payload capacity: 380 tons. Renowned for its incredible performance and reliability.

Terex Unit Rig MT 5500AC

Payload capacity: 360 tons. Versatile and efficient, essential for mining and large-scale construction.