Tire Went Flat Overnight But Now Holds Air : 5 Causes & How To Prevent Them

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The tire went flat overnight but now holds air, this is a common problem faced by vehicles. Every vehicle owner must have faced this type of problem at one time or another.

Sometimes when we drive the vehicle, the air pressure in the tire remains constant, but when the vehicle is parked for a long time at night, you see this type of situation where the tire flat overnight but now holds air.

In this post, you will learn in detail about the problem of a tIre that went flat overnight but now holds air. Why does this problem happen? What to do when this happens

And could a tire that went flat overnight but now holds air be a serious problem?

Causes of A Tire Went Flat Overnight

There are many different reasons why a tire can go flat overnight. To troubleshoot the problem of a flat tyre overnight, its causes must first be investigated.

1. Change in Temperature

Changes in weather and temperature can also cause fluctuations in the air pressure in a vehicle’s tyres.

If your vehicle is parked in cold weather and the weather temperature drops significantly overnight, this can cause the vehicle’s tire pressure to drop and cause a vehicle tire flat.

2. Puncture or Leak

Often, a puncture or leak in a vehicle’s tire can also result in a flat tire overnight. If there is a small puncture in the tyre, then gradually the tire will become flat. So if the puncture or leak is small, the tire may hold air for a while before it goes flat again.

If your vehicle’s tire is repeatedly going flat even after filling it with air, then the tire should be inspected by a professional and repaired if necessary.

3. Loose or Damge Valve Stem

Bad tire valve stem can often be the cause of vehicle tires going flat overnight. Vehicle tire valve stem, which allows air to be added to the tyre.

But sometimes the valve stem of the tire can become loose or damaged, due to which the tire of the vehicle gradually loses air. However, if the valve stem is only slightly loose, the tire may temporarily hold air.

4. Improperly Installed Tire Bead

In vehicles, the tire bead is the side of the tyre. The tire bead fits over the wheel rim.

If the tire is not properly installed over the rim, the bead of the tire may not be seated properly, allowing air to escape and the tyre to slowly lose air pressure.

However, if the tire bead is only slightly off, the tire may hold air for a short time before losing pressure again.

5. Bent Tire Rim

In many cases, the tire rim of a vehicle gets bent for one reason or another. Often during high speed of the vehicle, the tire rim gets bent due to a sudden fall of the tire in the pit or hitting something.

Due to this, air starts leaking slowly between the tire and the rim of the vehicle, and the tire becomes flat when the vehicle is parked overnight.

Is it Normal For Tires To Lose Air Overnight?

The rate at which vehicle tires lose air overnight depends on a number of different factors. Losing air from a worn vehicle tire can be a normal process.

Flattening of a vehicle’s tire depends on the age of the tyre, temperature changes, driving habits, and road conditions.

But if your vehicle’s tires are new and still your vehicle’s tire is getting flat at night, then it can become a matter of concern.

Because the reason for the new tire being flat overnight could be a tire puncture, a big cut in the tire or the tire rim being bent, etc.

In many cases, roads with sharp edges and strewn debris can damage even well-maintained tyres. So for this, one should investigate the reasons for the vehicle tire losing air.

What Can You Do To Prevent Tires From Going Flat Overnight?

  • You should regularly check the air pressure in all tires to prevent a flat tire.
  • Check the tire rim; if the tire rim is warped in any way or has fine cracking, it should be repaired or replaced.
  • Make sure that there are no pieces of glass or nails in the tire of the vehicle. Because it can cause the air to slowly leak out of the tyre.
  • Avoid using excessively worn or weak tires
  • Drive carefully on a road with stones and scattered debris.
  • Take care of the rotation of the tires from time to time, as without rotation for a long time, air may leak out.
  • The tire valve stem should be checked regularly, as a loose or worn tire valve stem can also cause air to leak out of the tire.

Short Summary

Often, the cause of a “tire that went flat overnight but now catches air” in vehicles can be a damaged or loose tire valve stem. Apart from this, due to a small puncture in the tire or the rim of the tire being bent, the tire can also become flat. In many cases, a sharp nail or piece of glass may also cause a tire spot to enter the tyre.

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