Problems After Cleaning Throttle Body : 7 Common Issues & Fixes

Problems After Cleaning Throttle Body

Many times, problems start occurring after cleaning the throttle body, which can badly affect the performance of the vehicle’s engine. The throttle body is one of the main parts of a gasoline internal combustion engine. The throttle body is the component that controls the acceleration of the engine. Therefore, the throttle body is cleaned from … Read more

8 Symptoms Of Bad PCV Valve : How To Test It & Replacement Cost

pcv valve

PCV valves are used in the internal combustion engines of vehicles to remove the gases produced by combustion inside the engine. But sometimes, when the PCV valve of the engine gets damaged or blocked, many engine-related problems can arise, affecting the functioning of the engine. Through this post, you will learn about the PCV valve … Read more

10 Causes of Your Car Won’t Accelerate & How To Fix It


A car won’t accelerate, which usually indicates a problem with the fuel system, engine or transmission. Most cars use internal combustion engines, which require flammable fuel to run. To increase the speed of the car, more engine power is required, for which acceleration is given to the engine. But many times the speed of the … Read more

Why Does Your Car Jerks When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

steering wheel

Jerking in a car while accelerating can be a big problem. If the problems are not properly resolved in time, they start creating problems for the engine, and the engine starts losing its power performance. Generally, diesel, gasoline, and gas fuel engines with internal combustion chambers are used in general vehicles. But many times, many … Read more

Symptoms Of A Bad Timing Chain (& Replacement Cost In 2023)

timing chain

Any internal combustion engine uses many useful parts. Such as pistons, rings, crankshafts, camshafts, valves, and timing belts or chains. All these internal parts of the engine perform their function, which starts the engine and provides power. Similarly, the timing chain or belt plays an important role in the functioning of any internal combustion engine. … Read more

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