What Is A Turbocharger : Location, Types, Parts & How Does It Work?

what is turbocharger

The turbocharger is a main part used in the engine systems of modern vehicles. It helps in increasing the engine power so that the vehicle engine can provide better power and performance in every situation. In this post, we will discuss turbochargers in detail. What is a turbocharger, and how does it work? What are … Read more

What Is Engine Valves : Types, Working, Symptoms, Causes & Replacement Cost

engine valves

Valves are also an extremely important component in internal combustion engines. Many internal parts are used in internal combustion engines. like a piston, rings, valve, crankshaft, camshaft and timing belt or chain. The internal parts of the engine complete the functioning of the engine. Valves exhaust the exhaust gases of the internal combustion engine and … Read more

How To Reset Check Engine Light : (In 4 Easy Steps)

check engine light

Often, vehicle owners are looking for easy ways to reset the check engine light. A check engine light burning in any vehicle indicates some kind of problem in the operating system. The check engine light on a vehicle’s dashboard may turn on for several reasons. Sometimes, the check engine light may come on due to … Read more

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