Mass Air Flow Sensor : Causes, Symptoms & Replacement Cost

MAF Sensor

A variety of sensors are used in modern vehicle engines. These various sensors located in the engine provide signals to the vehicle’s ECM about the functioning of engine parts. Based on these signals, the vehicle’s ECM successfully operates the engine and other functions of the vehicle. Through this article, we will learn in detail about … Read more

Temporary Fix For Crankshaft Position Sensor

crankshaft position sensor

The crankshaft position sensor is an important component used in modern engines. This sensor plays an important role in the efficient operation of the engine. This sensor monitors the engine crankshaft speed and position based on magnetic waves and informs the vehicle’s ECM. Based on this information, the ECM manages the proper fuel mixture and … Read more

Crankshaft Position Sensor : Working, Location, Symptoms (& Replacement Cost)

crankshaft position sensor

Many types of sensors are installed in modern vehicles, which perform different types of work, so that the engine of the vehicle can provide better performance and the various functions related to it can perform better. One of the most important sensors among all these vehicle sensors is discussed in this article today and is … Read more

Symptoms of A Bad Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (& Replacement Cost)

accelerator pedal position sensor

In older vehicles, the cable is installed between the accelerator pedal and the throttle. But the acceleration pedal position sensor is an important component in modern cars and other vehicles. When the vehicle’s accelerator pedal is depressed, this sensor sends information about the position of the accelerator pedal to the vehicle’s ECM. Thereby, the ECM … Read more

EGR Pressure Sensor : Location, Symptoms, Causes & Replcement Cost

EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor

A variety of sensors are used in the engine systems of cars and other modern vehicles. In modern vehicles, all the sensors have to send information to the vehicle’s ECM about the working status of the respective parts based on their functioning. Similarly, EGR pressure sensors are also used in engine parts of modern cars … Read more

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