How To Clean Fuel Injectors : 11 Easy Steps

how to clean a fuel injectors

Many times we see that the performance and mileage of our car suddenly reduce, due to which the problem of excessive smoke from the exhaust of the vehicle is seen. In many cases, clogged fuel injectors cause the engine to misfire, which directly impacts engine performance.

When fuel injectors fail, a pungent smell of raw smoke is often felt, and this raw smoke causes irritation in the eyes. When fuel injectors are clogged, the RPM needle does not remain steady when the engine is idling. Because worn-out or clogged fuel injectors are unable to properly spray fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber, disrupting fuel combustion

Therefore, it is important to clean the fuel injectors because using them for a long time without cleaning them can completely damage them. Through this post, you will learn the process of cleaning a fuel injector.

How To Clean Fuel Injectors With Additive?

To clean fuel injectors, firstly 1. Pour the prescribed amount of injector cleaner into the fuel tank. 2.Fill the tank with fuel after that. 3. After this, drive the vehicle for 50 to 100 miles. If your vehicle’s fuel injectors are slightly clogged, this process will clear the fuel injectors.

1. Add Injector Cleaner in Fuel Tank

fuel injectors cleaner

In this process, first of all, you have to mix the fuel injector cleaner liquid with the fuel in the recommended quantity in the fuel tank. Different companies’ fuel injector cleaners have different dosages mentioned on the fuel injector cleaner pouch or box. Seeing this, you can add that quantity to the fuel tank according to the quantity of fuel.

2. Fill The Fuel Tank

After pouring the additive into the fuel tank, fill the tank with fuel so that the injectors are completely supplied with clean fuel. Because the additive, along with the fuel, cleans the fuel injector properly. However, you will have to drive your vehicle for a few miles after adding the fuel additive to the tank.

3. Start The Engine

If the fuel injectors of the car are not working properly or are clogged, then when your car drives 50 to 100 miles after adding the injector cleaner, the fuel injectors will get cleaned, and you will feel the difference in the performance of the car.

Note: If the car’s fuel injectors are bad, the engine is producing more misfires and performance is decreasing. So in this case, you have to clean the fuel injector through a technical process.

Fuel Injector Cleaning With Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit

To clean the fuel injector with a fuel injector cleaner kit, first:

  • Step 1: Buy a fuel injector cleaner kit.
  • Step2: Then disconnect the battery terminal.
  • Step3: Find the location of the fuel injector.
  • Step4: Remove the air filter cover.
  • Step5: Disconnect the injector from the fuel pump line.
  • Step6: Remove the power wire connector.
  • Step7: Take out the fuel injector.
  • Step8: Start the fuel injector cleaning procedure.
  • Step9: Reinstall the fuel injector.
  • Step10: Replace the new fuel filter.
  • 11: Check performance

Let us know in detail the process of cleaning fuel injectors with a cleaner kit so that you will be able to clean the fuel injectors of your vehicle easily.

1. Buy Fuel Injectors Cleaner Kit

injector cleaner kit adapter

If you want to clean the fuel injectors completely, you have to buy a fuel injector cleaner kit, which may be from a different company. which you will easily find at a car parts shop. In which all the tools to clean the injectors will be available. through which you will be able to clean the fuel injectors properly. Due to this, the performance and mileage of the engine will be better. Now let’s know the next process.

2. Remove Battery Terminal

remove battery terminal

The first thing you need to do is remove the negative or positive terminal of the battery before repairing any electrical parts. By not doing so, the check engine light indication may show up in the cluster meter of the car, which you have to remove with the help of a scanner. For this, first remove the battery terminal.

3. Find Location of The Fuel Injectors

In this process, you have to open the fuel injectors. For this, first of all, you should find the location of the fuel injectors in the car and see the process of opening the injectors.

4. Remove Air Filter Cover

Fuel injectors in most cars fit under the air filter cover. This will require opening the fuel injectors and removing the filter. Disconnect the air mass flow sensor from the wire connector before removing the air filter cover.

5. Disconnect Injectors From Fuel Pump

The fuel injectors must be disconnected from the fuel pipeline of the fuel pump before opening the fuel injectors. For this, separate the fuel pump pipeline from one end of the fuel rail. It is tightened with a clump or lock on the pipeline. You will be able to remove the fuel pipeline by loosening it with the tool you use.

6. Remove Electrical Wire Connector fuel injector

Fuel injectors are installed in the car according to the engine cylinder. Cars usually have 4 or 6 cylinder engines. And fuel injectors are fitted according to the engine cylinder and on these fuel injectors, the injector wire is provided by the ECM module. A separate supply is provided for each fuel injector.

Disconnect these wire connectors before opening the fuel injectors. Keep in mind, remove this wire connector series-wise and, after cleaning the injectors, fit the same series-wise connector. Do not replace the wire connector with another fuel injector. Otherwise, the engine will likely vibrate too much.

7. Take Out The Fuel Injectors

Now you have to remove these injectors, including the fuel rail and the fuel injectors. For this, you will take out the fuel injectors by unscrewing the nuts provided to fit the fuel rail. Keep in mind, that there is no damage to the O ring between the fuel rail and the injectors; otherwise, the possibility of fuel leakage after fitting the injector will be high.

8. Clean Fuel Injectors Process

Now, detach all fuel injectors from the fuel rail, and the lower part of these injectors is where they spray fuel. Clean it because carbon accumulates at this end. Next, connect the inlet end of the injectors to the injector cleaner liquid pressure container.

Next, connect the fuel injectors to the injector cleaning adapter kit with a wire, which has to be connected to the battery. which will activate the injector through the cut-on process. Then turn on the injector cleaner spray. Now the fuel injector will start spraying. Repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes for each injector, and also clean the fuel rail as well.

so that any kind of garbage already present in the fuel rail can be cleaned, which may not lead to any clogging of the fuel injector again. Through this process, you will be able to clean the fuel injector.

9. Reinstall the fuel injector

After cleaning the fuel injectors, you will need to re-fit the fuel injectors to your car’s engine. Make sure that the fuel injector’s electrical supply wire connector only fits series-wise. Do not replace or fit any wire connector with another injector. After fitting the injectors, properly connect the wires to all the injectors. Next, you fit the air filter cover. And connect the connector to the wire of the air mass flow sensor mounted on the air filter cover.

10. Replace New Fuel Filter

Whenever you clean the fuel injectors, replace the old fuel filter with a new one. so that the waste accumulated in the fuel filter does not reach the injectors again through the fuel rail. You will be able to change the fuel filter through a very easy process.

12. Check Performance

After the fuel injector cleaning process is done and the fuel injector fitting is done, try driving your car. If there is a common problem in the injector, it will be fixed so that vibration, misfire, low performance, and mileage issues in the engine of the car can be resolved. If, even after doing all this, you do not experience any change in the performance of the car and the functioning of the fuel injectors is maximally bad, you will have to replace the fuel injectors.


Q. Do fuel injector cleaners really work?

If used according to the fuel injector cleaner’s manufacturer’s instructions, the fuel injector cleaner helps to clear the carbon, sediment, and clogged substances in the fuel injector. But that doesn’t mean that fuel injector cleaner can open a badly blocked fuel injector. Fuel injector cleaner helps keep the fuel system clean.

Q. How long do fuel injector cleaners take to work?

The working of a fuel injector cleaner depends on its detergent and chemical strength. For this, follow the instructions of the fuel injector cleaner manufacturer. Don’t expect the fuel injector cleaner to work quickly. Because the carbon that has accumulated over the years in the fuel injector can take time to get cleaned, using it regularly will definitely show good results.

Q. When should the injector be cleaned?

Fuel injector cleaner manufacturers recommend cleaning fuel injectors between 20000 miles to 30000 miles of a vehicle.

Q. How much does it cost to clean the injectors?

The cost of a normal fuel injector cleaning depends on the price of the brand of additive. Typically, the cost of cleaning a fuel injector yourself can range from $20 to $50.

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