P0171 Code : Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Fixes


If the engine is run with the P0171 trouble code, it may result in engine performance being affected. These are trouble codes triggered by the vehicle’s ECU, indicating an incorrect ratio of the air-to-fuel mixture in the engine. You will read about the P0171 trouble code in detail in this article. Including meaning, causes, symptoms, … Read more

P1326 Hyundai Sonata Code : Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS)


The P1326 code is a knock sensor-related error code in Hyundai and Kia vehicles that displays on the dashboard when the engine vibrates or there is a knock sensor failure. However, there can be several different reasons why engine vibration may occur in a Hyundai Sonata. In this post, we will discuss the P1326 Hyundai … Read more

Code P0014 : Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Fixes

p0014 code

P0014 vehicles have a fault code related to camshaft timing. Sensors in the engine monitor the performance of the engine parts and send signals about the performance of the engine parts to the vehicle’s ECM. So that the ECM of the vehicle can properly operate every function of the engine. But sometimes the vehicle’s ECM … Read more

P2135 Code : Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Fixes & Cost

p2135 code

A variety of sensors are used in modern vehicles, which transmit information about the functioning of various parts of the vehicle to the vehicle’s engine control module. But sometimes these sensors provide incorrect information to the vehicle’s ECM or fail to provide information to the ECM due to a malfunction in some part of the … Read more

P0302 Code : Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected : Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Cost


In many cases, the P0302 code may indicate a serious engine problem. Modern vehicles sometimes display a variety of fault codes, indicating problems with the functioning of different parts of the vehicle. Similarly, in modern vehicles, the P0302 code also indicates a misfire in the number 2 cylinder of the engine. Based on the identification … Read more

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