P0302 Code : Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected : Meaning, Causes, Symptoms & Cost


In many cases, the P0302 code may indicate a serious engine problem. Modern vehicles sometimes display a variety of fault codes, indicating problems with the functioning of different parts of the vehicle. Similarly, in modern vehicles, the P0302 code also indicates a misfire in the number 2 cylinder of the engine.

Based on the identification of this code, it becomes easy to check and fix the malfunction of parts in the vehicles. In this post, you will learn about the P0302 fault code in detail. Like: What is the P0302 code? Symptoms and causes of the P0302 code, and how much can it cost to fix it?

What Does ”P0302 Code” Mean?

The P0302 code means a misfire has been detected in cylinder number 2. The P0302 code is an OBD-II diagnostic trouble code related to a misfire in the vehicle’s engine number 2 cylinder, which can be read with the help of an OBD digital scanner tool.

The P0302 code is triggered by the system when there is a misfire in engine cylinder 2. Possible causes of misfire in cylinder 2 of the engine are faulty spark plugs, a bad ignition coil, vacuum leaks, fuel delivery problems, etc.

P0302 Code Definition

P0302 Code Definition Is – ”Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected”

Symptoms of P0302 Code

  • Engine starting problem
  • Engine misfire
  • Engine jerk
  • Reduction in fuel efficiency
  • Check engine light
  • Reduced engine power and performance
  • Acceleration hesitation
  • Engine knocking
  • P0302 code displayed in scanner
  • Fuel and raw smoke smell from the exhaust pipe.
  • Engine shutdown frequently
  • RPM needle up/down
  • Engine shaking or vibration when turning on the AC

Causes of P0302 Code

  • Faulty spark plug
  • Damaged spark plug wire
  • Faulty ignition coil
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Failed fuel pump
  • Intake system vacuum leak
  • Faulty fuel injector
  • Cylinder compression is low.
  • Damaged engine head gasket
  • Faulty EGR Valve System
  • Clogged catalytic converter
  • Damaged or worn engine valves or pistons
  • Faulty Engine Control Module

How To Diagnose And Fix P0302 Code?

To diagnose the P0302 code, the mechanic may repeat the following procedure: such as

  • Diagnosing the P0302 error code requires first examining its cause.
  • For this first, you have to scan the system of the vehicle with an OBD scanner, reset the displayed fault code, and freeze data.
  • After this, the spark plug can be checked. If the spark plug is faulty, replace it with a new one.
  • Check the spark plug wire; if it has a faulty spark plug wire, it needs to be replaced.
  • If the ignition coil is faulty, it should also be replaced.
  • The fuel delivery system should be checked, and fuel system components should be repaired or replaced if defective. such as a clogged fuel filter, a bad fuel pump, and faulty fuel injectors.
  • The engine control model can also be checked. If any type of fault is detected in the ECM, it is repaired or can be replaced with a new one.
  • Check for air leaks in the air intake manifold.
  • Engine compression should be tested. such as an engine head gasket, a piston, a ring, a head valve, etc.
  • However, this is a process under “engine overhauling,” which can become a matter of high cost.

How To Fix P0302 Code?

Driving the vehicle for an extended period of time ignoring the P0302 code can result in a variety of engine damage. So get it fixed immediately if you see symptoms of code P0302, so that it can be saved from any major, costly damage to the vehicle. For this, the step-by step process can be corrected after checking.

1. Replace Damaged Spark Plugs & Ignition Coils

The power supply is a major factor in keeping the engine running in vehicles. if the spark plugs and ignition coil are damaged in the engine. So replace it with a new one, and also replace the spark plug wire connector. because the supply of current gets interrupted due to the failure of these components.

2. Fix Vacuum Leak

For the combustion process to take place in the engine, it is very important to have the right amount of vacuum. But the vacuum is leaking from somewhere in the vacuum assembly of the DIET engine. So the proportion of air in the fuel mixture prepared for the combustion process may deteriorate. Due to this, the combustion process in the combustion chamber of the engine will be disrupted, which will cause the engine to misfire.

3. Repair or Replace A Damaged ECM

The ECM is a vital component for the smooth running of all vehicle functions. The ECM processes the proper fuel and power supply to the vehicle’s engine with correct timing. But if there is any error or any defect in the ECM/PCM unit of the vehicle. So the ratio of fuel and current supply to the vehicle’s engine and the timing of the fuel firing sequence of the pistons may deteriorate. Due to this, there may be a problem with misfiring in the engine. For this, check the vehicle’s ECM unit and fix it or replace it with a new one.

4. Replace Clogged Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors are also an important component of a vehicle’s engine. The fuel injector precisely sprays the fuel into the combustion chamber, due to which the internal combustion of the engine takes place. But sometimes the fuel injector starts leaking or clogged. Due to this, the proper amount of fuel is not sprayed, and because of this, the engine may misfire.

5. Correct The Wrong Engine Timing

Proper timing of the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft is set to process the engine’s fuel firing sequence. so that the sequence of fuel firing can be done at the right time according to the position of the piston in the engine. so that the combustion process can be completed according to the position of the piston.

And the exhaust gas can be exhausted according to the position of the piston. But sometimes, due to a broken or loose timing belt or chain, the engine timing can be thrown off, which causes the engine of the vehicle to misfire. Therefore, in the event of an engine misfire, check the engine timing and, if the timing is set incorrectly, set the timing to the correct position.

6. Replace Damaged Crankshaft or Camshaft sensor

The engine is fitted with sensors to signal the rotation position of the crankshaft and camshaft. These sensors send signals to the ECM for the rotational position of the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft. Due to this, the ECM of the vehicle sends the fuel mixture and current supply with the correct timing according to the requirements of the engine.

But sometimes the proper signal does not reach the ECM due to a faulty sensor or any wire connected to it.Due to which the timing of fuel firing order and current supply gets disturbed, due to which the engine misfires.

7. Fix Intake Manifold Gasket Leak

The fuel mixture for a vehicle’s engine is determined by the air-to-air ratio of the mixture. which is necessary for the internal combustion process of the engine, due to which the fuel mixture becomes flammable. But sometimes a vacuum leak is caused by a failure of the gasket to stop the leak at the air intake. This can disturb the ratio of air to fuel in the fuel mixture, due to which the engine of the vehicle may misfire.

8. Replace Bent Engine Head Valve

Valves in the engine head allow the intake air and exhaust gases to be released at the right time according to the position of the pistons. But sometimes, due to some reason, the valves in the head of the engine become bent, causing leakage of intake air and compression, which can cause misfiring of one of the engine’s cylinders.

Cost Of Fix To P0302 Code

It can usually cost from $150 to $500 to fix the common causes of the upper P0302 error code. This may include the cost of diagnosing the P0302 code and replacing some common minor parts and mechanical labor.

The cost of fixing more expensive causes can range from $1000 to $2900. In which may be engine internal faults or engine overhauling. The cost to fix a P0302 code depends on the model and repair location of the vehicle, the labor of the mechanic.

  • Ignition Coils: $230-$640
  • Spark Plug Wire: $180-$240
  • Cost to fix fuel injector leaks: $50 to $150
  • Fuel Injector Replacement Cost: $1400–$1800
  • Vacuum Leakage – $100-$200
  • Fuel Pump Repair or Rebuild Cost: $1200–$1700
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: $300-$500
  • Engine head valve replacement cost: $900–$1600


Q. Is a cylinder 2 misfire serious?

Your vehicle’s engine misfiring can be a serious problem for any number of reasons. Because the misfiring of any cylinder of the engine has a very bad effect on the power and performance of the engine of your vehicle, and the internal parts of the engine may get damaged.

Q. How much does it cost to fix cylinder 2 misfire?

The cost of repairing a misfire in cylinder 2 of an engine depends on the fault in the engine. If the internal parts of the engine are damaged. So it can be a matter of high cost. In this case, you may have to go through the process of overhauling the engine. Usually, you may have to pay from $200 to $1500 to fix the misfire in cylinder 2 of the engine.

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