VW EPC Light Car Shaking : Causes & How To Fix It?

vw epc light car shaking

The VW EPC Light Car Shaking Warning Signal indicates shaking in Volkswagen cars, which the engine control module triggers as an EPC warning light on the vehicle dashboard. Many times, when you are driving your VW car fast on the road and suddenly, due to some fault, your car starts shaking, the EPC warning light illuminates on the dashboard of your car.

In this post, you will learn in detail about all the reasons why the “VW EPC Light Car Shaking” warning light comes on, so that you cannot ignore it and solve it immediately.

What Does “VW EPC Light Car Shaking” Mean?

VW EPC light car shaking refers to a problem with the electronic throttle system or ignition coil. However, in many cases, the EPC light indicates a problem with the transmission, engine, or an unbalanced driveshaft.

Sometimes the EPC warning light may also illuminate in a Volkswagen if there is a problem with the traction control, cruise control, or ABS control unit. In Volkswagen cars, when the EPC light is on, it could be a sign of a more serious problem with the vehicle’s engine or drivetrain. Vibration in a car can be caused by a bad throttle system, a faulty ignition system, a problem with the fuel injection system, or other mechanical or electrical problems.

Causes of VW EPC Light Car Shaking

Causes of the “VW EPC Light Car Shaking” warning light in Volkswagen cars can include a bad throttle body, a bad ignition coil, a damaged driveshaft, or a bad engine mount.

Let us know in detail the reasons for the shaking of the VW EPC light car.

1. Engine Issues

If your car’s engine is shaking due to cylinder or head valve failure, the EPC light may be on in most Volkswagen cars. However, in Volkswagen vehicles, the EPC light can also be caused by bad spark plugs, a bad ignition coil, clogged or bad fuel injectors, or a bad engine sensor.

2. Faulty Elecronic Throttle Body

Throttle Position Sensor

In vehicles, the throttle body controls the air flow to the engine and helps provide acceleration. But if the throttle body becomes worn or dirty, it can restrict the flow of air to the engine, affecting engine power performance and causing the engine to jerk or vibrate. Therefore, a faulty throttle body can be the main reason for the EPC warning light to come on in Volkswagen vehicles.

3. Fuel System Issues

fuel filter

Oftentimes, issues related to fuel system malfunctions in Volkswagen vehicles can also cause the EPC light to illuminate. Such as clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump, fuel etc. Fuel system-related issues can also badly affect the performance of the engine if the engine starts jerking or vibrating. This may result in the EPC light being activated.

4. Sensors Fault

crankshaft position sensor

At present, various sensors monitor the functioning of various parts in the engine and electronic control system of modern vehicles. If any of the sensors in the engine fail or send incorrect readings, this can cause engine performance problems, and the vehicle’s ECM may mispronounce the engine’s fuel mixture and correct timing based on incorrect data. This can cause the engine to sputter or misfire and cause the EPC light to come on in Volkswagen vehicles.

5. Wiring Issues


Wiring plays a vital role in the efficient operation of modern vehicles, carrying signals and electrical communication between vehicle components, sensors, and engine control modules.

But faulty electrical connections or damaged wiring can disrupt communication between various components, causing the ECM not to receive signals sent by sensors or other engine power supplies and causing vibration and poor engine performance, causing the EPC light to turn on.

6. Vacuum Leak Issues


Vacuum is vital to the efficient operation of any internal combustion engine, but leaks in the vacuum system for any reason can affect engine performance. These vacuum leaks can be in engine hoses, gaskets, or intake manifold components, causing engine knocking or vibration problems and causing the VW EPC Light Car Shaking to appear on the dashboard of Volkswagen cars.

7. Transmission & Driveshaft Issues


If your Volkswagen vehicle is having a transmission or drivetrain-related problem, it can cause the car to shake while running. The problem can be with the transmission fluid, torque converter, or other transmission components on Volkswagen vehicles, causing the car to shake or vibrate.

Transmission and driveshaft issues can also cause the VW EPC Light Car Shaking warning sign to appear on the dashboard of Volkswagen vehicles.

Can You Drive With EPC Light On?

The he EPC light on the dashboard of the VW vehicle indicates a problem with the engine or throttle system. You can drive for a short period with the EPC light. Therefore driving with the EPC light illuminated is not recommended, as this warning light indication indicates a fault with the electronic control system or transmission.

If you drive the vehicle with the EPC warning light on, it may cause more damage and wear and tear to the vehicle. Therefore, if the EPC light is on, you should immediately get your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Is EPC Warning Light Serious?

The severity of the EPC warning in VW vehicles can vary depending on the circumstances and cause of the problem. But still, the EPC warning in vehicles should be taken seriously, as it indicates a fault in the electrical or mechanical system with the electronic control system of your vehicle.

In some cases, however, EPC warnings may also be triggered by minor problems in the light vehicle, such as a loose gas cap, a temporary sensor fault, or cracking of the ignition coil cable. But in most cases, the illumination of the EPC warning light indicates a serious problem with the vehicle and should not be ignored.

These problems may include throttle body, accelerator pedal, engine management system, transmission, and driveshaft issues, or issues with other critical components.

How To Fix VW EPC Light Car Shaking

If the EPC warning light is constantly on in your Volkswagen vehicle, then you must proceed process-wise to fix it after checking the cause of the concerned error.

1. Use The Scanner Tool

If an EPC warning light is showing on your Volkswagen car dashboard, then the first thing you should do is scan your vehicle system with the help of a digital scanner so that you can easily find out the EPC light-related fault and fix it.

2. Check Battery Connections

Inspect your vehicle’s battery terminals and make sure they are tight and secure. Because loose connections can sometimes trigger the EPC light and cause engine performance problems, loose battery connections can disrupt the sensor’s functioning, which can lead to jerking and vibration in the engine.

3. Disconnect The Battery

When the EPC warning light illuminates, disconnect one of the battery cables for 5 to 10 minutes and then reconnect. Sometimes, a temporary fault in the system can trigger the EPC light and cause vibrations. Therefore, disconnecting the battery may clear the error and solve the car shaking problem.

4. Inspect Throttle Body

The reason for the EPC light illuminating in Volkswagen vehicles can be a bad throttle body. Because the failure of the throttle body can cause jerks and vibrations in the engine.

That’s why you inspect the throttle body. Clean the throttle body if necessary, or consider replacing it. This can help in solving the problem of a lit EPC light due to a fault related to the throttle body.

5. Check Vacuum Leaks

In many cases, the EPC light can be illuminated by a vacuum leak in the engine’s intake system. So inspect the vacuum lines and connections for any signs of vacuum damage or leaks when the EPC light is illuminated. If any leaks are found in the vacuum line, repair or replace the affected components.

6. Check Elecrical Components

At times, the reason for your vehicle’s EPC warning light to illuminate can be a failure of electrical components. So check the sensor and wiring connections, ignition coils, and spark plugs when the EPC light is illuminated. Because the failure of these components can also cause jerks and vibrations in the engine.

7. Check Fuel System Components

Various components play a vital role in the fuel system of a vehicle, such as the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors, etc. If any of these components are faulty, this may also cause the engine to jerk or vibrate, and the EPC warning light may appear on the dashboard.

Therefore, fuel system components should be checked when the EPC light is illuminated in the vehicle. If any defects are found in these components, they should be replaced.

8. Check Axle & Driveshaft

At times, axle or driveshaft failure in vehicles can also cause the vehicle to shake and the dashboard EPC warning light to appear. Therefore, any fault in the axle or driveshaft should be repaired or replaced.

9. Check Engine Internal Damage

If your Volkswagen still has a shaking problem after performing all of the above procedures and the EPC warning light continues to illuminate, your vehicle’s engine may be at fault with internal parts.

Because the failure of the internal parts of the engine, such as worn piston rings, damaged valves, damaged gaskets, and incorrect timing adjustment, is the cause of engine vibrations and jerks. In this case, you should have the engine inspected by a qualified auto mechanic and consider necessary repairs.


Q. Why is the EPC light on my car jerking?

Perhaps your car’s engine is causing a misfire problem, causing the car’s ECU to trigger the EPC light.

Q. Can fuel injectors cause jerking?

Yes, if the fuel injectors of your vehicle are faulty, then it can cause jerking in the vehicle because faulty fuel injectors disrupt the fuel injection process in the engine, which disrupts the combustion process and causes the engine to jerk.

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