How To Clean Car AC Evaporator Without Removing

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The evaporator is one of the important parts in the air conditioning system of cars. By which cooling comes inside the cabin of the car. But the AC evaporator needs to be cleaned from time to time, because a dirty AC evaporator starts creating many problems. Having a clogged evaporator coil can completely affect the cooling of your car’s air conditioning system.

Therefore, through this article, we will provide you with detailed information on how to clean the car ac evaporator coil without removing, and you can do this work at home. You will not need to visit a vehicle technician.

What Is Needed To Clean A Car AC Evaporator Without Removing It?

To clean such an evaporator without removing it, the following tools will be required:

  • First of all, you will need goggles and gloves for safety.
  • Screwdrivers and Basic Household Tools
  • 2 or 3 pieces of soft, dry cloth
  • AC Evaporator Cleaner Solution
  • Water spray bottle and extra clean water
  • Piece of waterproof mats or large plastic sheet
  • A piece of soft towel

How To Clean Car AC Evaporator Without Removing

To clean the car’s AC evaporator without removing it, first of all: 1. Find the location of the AC evaporator. 2. Remove the glove box. 3. Access the AC evaporator. 4. Use an AC evaporator cleaner. 5. Refit the blower fan motor. 6. Refit the glove box. 7. Replace the AC blower air filter.

1. Find Location of AC Evaporator

First of all, you have to find the location of the AC evaporator coil in your car. Make sure you check where the AC evaporator coil is located and what needs to be opened to reach it?

2. Remove Glove Box

Glove box

First of all, wear your safety kit. After this, you remove the glove box from your car. Often, the fitting of the glove box may differ from vehicle to vehicle. Nuts or screws may be provided in a glove box and some plastic fitting points are provided in the glove box. In this case, you can get out by pressing or spreading the ends of the glove box. Keep in mind that these are made of plastic. Too much twisting or pushing can break these fitting points.

3. Access Ac Evaporator

To clean the AC evaporator, you will need to access it. The easiest way to do this would be to remove the blower fan. For this, you have to remove the blower fan motor with the help of a screwdriver. In many vehicles, the blower fan motor is attached via a stitching clip.

You can also disconnect the blower fan motor wiring connection and remove the blower fan motor by pushing or pulling it out. After removing the ac blower motor, you will see the ac evaporator from the front.

4. Use AC Evaporator Cleaner

Before using the evaporator cleaner, you must lay a water-proof mat or plastic sheet on the floor under the dashboard on both the passenger side and the drive side. Now you have to use the cleaner on the AC evaporator. If your hand is easily reaching the evaporator. Then you can clean it with a cloth by applying the cleaner thoroughly.

Remember, you don’t want to rub the evaporator too hard. because the evaporator has very light and soft tubes. Due to this, there is a possibility of it being crooked. After applying the cleaner, leave it for some time and leave it like this. After this, clean the evaporator with a spray bottle of water. After cleaning the evaporator thoroughly, you should clean it with a soft towel.

If you have a system for air-drying the evaporator, you can use it. Due to this, the AC evaporator will dry quickly. Otherwise, you leave it to dry for 1 or 2 hours.

5. Re-fit The Blower Fan Motor

fit blower motor

After the process of cleaning the AC evaporator is complete, you should again fit the blower fan motor properly. Keep in mind, keep in mind the gap while fitting the blower fan motor and the blower fan motor should not hit any place while rotating; otherwise, it may cause abnormal noise while running the blower fan. Therefore, tighten the screws or nuts of the blower fan motor properly or fit the clip lock properly.

6. Re-Fit Glove Box

After this, fit the opened glove box of your vehicle back into place, and you can keep your essentials in it.

7. Replace AC Blower Air Filter

Lastly, you have to clean the air filter on the AC blower. But if the air filter of the AC blower is in very dirty condition, then you have to replace it with a new one. In this way, you can clean the evaporator coil of an AC system without removing it.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean The Car AC Evaporator Coil?

This is why there is a need to clean the car’s AC evaporator coil. because the AC evaporator is a cooling device. Because of this, the evaporator remains moist most of the time due to excessive cooling when the AC is on and at the same time, the blower fan draws the hot air from the middle of the evaporator.

Due to this, the fine dust particles start to freeze slowly. Whether you are using a filter for a blower fan, But then, due to the wetness of the AC evaporator, dust and soil particles get accumulated on it, and gradually, the AC evaporator gets clogged. Due to this, the flow of air from the middle of it stops, and the cooling of the AC starts decreasing very much. That’s why it is necessary to clean the AC evaporator coil from time to time.

How Do You Know? That Car AC Evaporator Has To Be Cleaned

You can see many types of symptoms when the AC evaporator is clogged. on the basis of which you will need to clean the AC evaporator.

Symptoms & Signs of a Clogged Car AC Evaporator

  • The biggest and most obvious symptom of a clogged AC evaporator would be a clogged drain pipe and when you turn on the
  • AC, the moisture-laden water, instead of going down the drain pipe, will go straight into the cabin and you can see this water on the mats of the car.
  • The air flow of the car’s blower fan will be reduced.
  • Less cooling will start coming from the vents.
  • A strange odor can be felt when the AC is running.
  • Due to the clogged AC evaporator, ice starts to build up quickly, which causes the AC to trip quickly when the refrigerant pressure is high.


Q. Can the car’s ac evaporator get clogged?

The evaporator of a vehicle’s AC system gets extremely cold when the AC is on, due to which the moisture from the air starts freezing on the evaporator, due to which the AC evaporator starts getting wet and due to the air drawn by the blower fan.

The dust and soil start to settle on it and over a long period of time, the vaporizer gets clogged with waste or debris. Due to this, it is difficult for the blower fan to draw air through the vents of the evaporator and when the blower fan is running, a foul smell starts coming from the flow of air.

Q. What if the evaporator drain gets clogged?

Due to this, ice will start forming in the evaporator due to excessive cooling. Due to this, there will be more pressure on the refrigerant and the high pressure switch in the AC system will shut down the AC compressor.

Q. What causes damage to car’s evaporator?

Leakage of refrigerant in the core or coil is often responsible for damage to the evaporator of an AC. Refrigerant leakage is what damages the evaporator.

Q. Where is car evaporator located?

In cars, such an evaporator is often located just below the dashboard in the cabin. from where cooling can be experienced through vents.

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