P1326 Hyundai Sonata Code : Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS)


The P1326 code is a knock sensor-related error code in Hyundai and Kia vehicles that displays on the dashboard when the engine vibrates or there is a knock sensor failure. However, there can be several different reasons why engine vibration may occur in a Hyundai Sonata.

In this post, we will discuss the P1326 Hyundai Sonata code in detail. Like what the Hyundai Sonata P1326 code is, its causes, and how to fix the P1326 code in the Hyundai Sonata.

What Does ”P1326 Hyundai Sonata” Mean?

The P1326 code in the Hyundai Sonata indicates a problem with the engine knock sensor. The Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) detects vibrations indicating the beginning of excessive connecting rod bearing wear.

If the vibration is due to wear of the connecting rod bearings, at that point, the DTC system will code P1326, the specific diagnostic trouble code for KSDS in a Hyundai Sonata. In many cases, the P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata can also display due to knock sensor failure or a wiring problem.

Causes Of P1326 Hyundai Sonata Code

The P1326 code in the Hyundai Sonata can be caused by knock sensor failure, electrical or wiring problems, faulty ECM, software glitches, or engine failure.

1. Faulty Knock Sensor

The reason for the P1326 code to appear in a Hyundai Sonata could be a failed or damaged knock sensor, which may prevent it from detecting engine knock and sending the proper signal to the ECM/PCM. Therefore, the knock sensor should be checked, and a bad or damaged knock sensor should be replaced if the P1326 code is displayed.

2. Wiring or Connector Issues

The cause of the P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata could be damaged or worn wiring or connectors in the sensor circuit, causing a poor connection or short circuit. Causing a bad knocking sensor to signal the vehicle’s ECM/PCM about an engine knock and detonation condition that it is unable to deliver and may result in poor fuel combustion of the engine.

3. Faulty ECM

If the Hyundai Sonata’s ECM/PCM has failed or is malfunctioning, it may be unable to properly receive and interpret signals from the knock sensor, causing the P1326 code to display in the Hyundai Sonata. In many cases, the ECM/PCM has experienced some type of error or the ECM memory has been reset, causing the vehicle’s ECM/PCM to not be able to correctly read the signals received by the sensors.

4. Engine Mechanical Issues

The P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata can also be triggered by engine mechanical issues, such as worn engine bearings or damaged pistons, which are causing excessive engine knocking.

Therefore, even an unnecessary loud knock coming from the engine can affect the functioning of the knocking sensor, and the knocking sensor signals the engine’s loud knock to the ECM of the vehicle, which can cause code P1326 in a Hyundai Sonata.

5. Fuel Quality Issues

At times, low-quality fuel or fuel that is contaminated with water or other impurities in a Hyundai Sonata can cause the engine to knock, which may trigger the P1326 code. As low-quality fuel can cause excessive knocking during fuel detonation in the combustion chamber of the engine, and the engine misfires and vibrates, the knocking sensor detects engine knock and signals it to the ECM/PCM of the vehicle, which starts sending.

Symptoms Of P1326 Hyundai Sonata Code

The P1326 code in the Hyundai Sonata is a fault code for the knock sensor circuit, which can affect the engine’s power performance in the Hyundai Sonata and ignoring this code in the long run could result in engine damage.

1. Bad Engine Ignition Timing

The knock sensor is responsible for sending a signal to the ECM to detect engine knock or detonation and adjust the ignition timing accordingly. If the knock sensor circuit is malfunctioning, the ECM may not be able to properly adjust the ignition timing.

2. Low Performance

A bad or failing knock sensor in a Hyundai Sonata can cause reduced engine performance, including decreased power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency, as well as consuming more fuel.

3. Rough Idle

In a Hyundai Sonata, the engine may experience rough idling, stalling, or hesitation if the knocking sensor fails or the ignition timing is not adjusted properly. A bad knocking sensor is not able to signal the condition of engine knocking and detonation to the ECM/PCM of the vehicle. Trouble with the P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata is often caused by the engine’s idle rpm needle going up/down.

4. Engine Damage

Ignoring the P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata or any other vehicle can potentially result in engine damage over time, as excessive knocking or detonation without proper adjustment of the engine’s ignition timing damages the engine’s internal parts and sometimes there may be wear and tear on the internal parts of the engine. Improper ignition timing of the engine can badly affect the pistons and head valves of the engine.

5. Engine Light On

Often times, a P1326 code problem in a Hyundai Sonata or any other vehicle may cause the check engine light in the vehicle’s cluster meter to illuminate. However, there may be reasons for the light on the dashboard of a Hyundai Sonata or any other vehicle to be on. For this, you should scan the system with an OBD scanner first.

How To Fix Hyundai Sonata P1326 Code?

First, you must check its causes in order to fix the P1326 code in the Hyundai Sonata. For this, you should inspect and diagnose the engine knock sensor and associated wiring. If the knock sensor is bad or there is a problem with the wiring, then you will have to replace the knock sensor or repair the wiring.

But in many cases, the P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata can also be caused by a faulty Engine Control Module In these cases, the P1326 code can also be fixed by updating the Engine Control Module’s software. An OBD-II scanner can help you determine what’s causing the P1326 code to occur, which will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

The top fixes to code P1326 in a Hyundai Sonata are:

  • knock sensor replacement
  • Knock sensor wiring repair
  • Engine control module update
  • Engine replacement or rebuilding as required

Cost To Fix P1326 In A Hyundai Sonata

The cost of troubleshooting a P1326 code in a Hyundai Sonata depends on its cause. There can be many reasons for the P1326 code to appear.

If the knock sensor in your Hyundai Sonata is faulty, you could pay $120 to $400 for it and, in any case, $2500 to $7000 for the seized engine, including replacement parts and mechanic labor costs. However, you can get the ECM software upgraded for free from any Hyundai or Kia dealership.


Q. Is P1326 a recall?

Yes, In many cases of the P1326 code, there is a recall for many vehicles by Hyundai. On Hyundai and Kia vehicles, the harness would be replaced under warranty, and ECM software upgrades were offered free of charge.

Q. Can you drive with code P1326?

No, Driving with a P1326 code is not recommended without checking for the code first. Because this code indicates a problem with your vehicle’s engine.

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