Code P0014 : Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Fixes

p0014 code

P0014 vehicles have a fault code related to camshaft timing. Sensors in the engine monitor the performance of the engine parts and send signals about the performance of the engine parts to the vehicle’s ECM. So that the ECM of the vehicle can properly operate every function of the engine.

But sometimes the vehicle’s ECM displays the P0014 code due to overly advanced camshaft timing. In this post, we will discuss the P0014 trouble code in detail, so that you can know the symptoms, causes, and solutions of P0014 code.

What Does ”P0014 Code” Mean?

The P0014 code refers to an engine camshaft timing problem. This code indicates a “Camshaft Position B – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)” problem.

This is causing the camshaft sensor in the engine to receive an incorrect camshaft position signal, and the ECM indicates the P0014 trouble code based on the incorrect signal from the camshaft sensor. Bank 1 of the engine is the part also known as cylinder 1.

P0014 Code Definition

P0014 Code Definition is “Camshaft Position B -Timing Over Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)”

Symptoms of P0014  Code

The most common symptoms of the p0014 code are: an illuminated check engine light, engine rough idle or hard starting, unusual noises, high fuel consumption, low oil level warning light coming on and emissions test failure.

1. Illuminated Check Engine Light

check engine light

The most common symptom of a problem with the P0014 trouble code is the illumination of the check engine light. When your vehicle’s ECM confirms a problem with the P0014 trouble code, the ECM will illuminate the check engine light in the vehicle’s cluster meter to cause the P0014 trouble code. However, there are many other reasons why the check engine light may come on. For which first you have to scan the vehicle with a digital scanner. thereby verifying the P0014 code.

2. Hard Engine Starting


Sometimes the P0014 trouble code makes it difficult to start the engine. because the P0014 trouble code refers to the engine exhaust camshaft timing being advanced or retarded.

As a result, the exhaust valves will open sooner or a little later, depending on the position of the engine’s pistons. Due to this, the fuel combustion process of the engine is interrupted. This makes engine starting difficult.

3. Engine Rough Idle


The P0014 trouble code causes the engine to start in the rough idle position. During this, the problem of jerks and hunting can be seen in the engine. Because the fuel combustion process of the engine is interrupted due to poor timing of the camshaft, the engine does not run smoothly.

4. Unusual Engine Noise

When the P0014 trouble code occurs, you may sometimes hear a knocking/rattling noise from the engine. You can hear this noise at the idle of the engine or during acceleration. Because of this code, your vehicle’s engine is obstructed in fuel firing order according to piston position and timing.

5. High Fuel Consumption

high fuel consumption

The symptom of the P0014 trouble code may be excessive engine fuel consumption. Because the engine’s fuel combustion process is interrupted, it will produce less power. and will not ignite the fuel sufficiently. Due to this, you will feel the increase in fuel consumption of the engine. However, there can be many other reasons for the high fuel consumption of the engine.

How To Fix P0014 Code?

To fix the P0014 code, you must first scan the vehicle’s system with an OBD scanner and reset the trouble code.

  • If again you see the trouble code related to the P0014 trouble code.
  • After that, replace the engine oil and oil filter with new ones. Because dirty and sticky engine oil and filters are also the reason for this.
  • Repair or replace the wiring to the oil control valve for the Bank 1 exhaust camshaft.
  • Check the exhaust camshaft control valve; if damaged, replace it with a new one.
  • Repair or replace the camshaft timing chain and camshaft phasers.

Causes Of P0014 Trouble Code

There are a few main reasons for the P0014 trouble code to appear. But some of these reasons are easy to examine and others can be more complex, related to technical issues. For example, bad engine oil or a low level of engine oil and some complex reasons can be like this such as the failure or jamming of some components of the camshaft and variable valve timing.

  • Camshaft Variable Timing Solenoid Failure: Sometimes the Camshaft Variable Timing Solenoid may fail for any reason, causing the vehicle’s ECM to indicate a P0014 trouble code as the problem.
  • Engine Oil Contamination: A common reason for the P0014 trouble code to appear is engine oil contamination. This can cause an obstacle in receiving the signal from the sensor.
  • Engine Oil Too Low: The P0014 trouble code can also occur when the engine oil level is too low. because too little engine oil can badly affect the working of the camshaft.
  • Camshaft phaser stuck in advanced position: Sometimes for some reason the camshaft phaser gets stuck in advanced position. This may also cause the vehicle’s ECM to display the P0014 trouble code.
  • High viscosity in engine oil Sometimes engine oil starts getting high viscosity. Due to which the way of flow of oil gets closed. Due to this, the flow of engine oil to the phaser of the camshaft stops.
  • Exhaust camshaft timing advanced or retarded: Sometimes the engine will advance or retard the exhaust timing contrary to the command set by the ECM, which can also cause the vehicle’s ECM to display the P0014 trouble code.


Q. Is the P0014 code serious?

These codes can severely affect the performance and function of your vehicle’s engine. The P0014 code can cause you to experience a number of engine-related symptoms. such as: difficulty starting the engine, unusual noise from the engine, and high fuel consumption.

Q. Can I drive with code p0014?

With a faulty timing chain, the camshaft’s position is advanced or retarded. Therefore, ignoring the P0014 code and driving the vehicle for an extended period of time can result in major engine damage, which can be a costly affair to fix.

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