11 Signs Of A Bad Transmission And Repair Cost


If the signs of a bad transmission are not noticed in time, it can cause serious damage to the transmission. In many cases, a bad transmission can have a negative impact on the engine.

Transmission is a useful part of any vehicle and is responsible for transferring and removing engine power to the wheels of the vehicle according to the specified gears. That’s why early signs of transmission failure should never be ignored. In this post, we will discuss the signs of a bad transmission in detail so that you can fix it at the initial signs of transmission failure in your vehicle.

What Is A Transmission?

The transmission in a vehicle is a mechanism that is connected to the engine and transmits the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels, enabling the vehicle to move.

The primary function of transmissions in vehicles is to provide variable torque and speed ratios between the engine and the wheels, allowing the vehicle to operate efficiently at various speeds and driving conditions, slowing or accelerating the vehicle as required. Generally, transmissions in vehicles are mainly of two types: manual and automatic.

Signs Of A Bad Transmission

Common symptoms of a bad transmission are a burning smell, leaking fluid, gear slipping, unusual noises, transmission warning light, refusing to shift gears, noise in neutral, and grinding sounds.

Let us know in detail the symptoms of transmission failure in any vehicle so that, by identifying these symptoms in time, you can find the appropriate solution.

1. Warning Light On

If there is any kind of electronic problem with your vehicle’s transmission. So the check engine light may be on in the dashboard of your vehicle. But this light may fail to signal a problem with the manual transmission. The check engine light may indicate a problem with the automatic transmission of modern vehicles.

2. Burning Smell

If you drive your vehicle continuously for a long distance, you may experience a burning smell. This could be due to your transmission system overheating or because your transmission oil is old or worn out. When heated, it can produce a burning smell, or the wrong or bad transmission fluid may rub off on your vehicle’s transmission system, due to which a burning smell can be experienced.

3. Refusing To Switch Gears

If you are having trouble changing the gear of the vehicle. Or the gear has to be changed by pushing or getting stuck. So it might be possible. that there has been some kind of fault in the gear selector or the synchro ring in the transmission of your vehicle. This problem can also occur due to incorrect or bad transmission fluid in your vehicle. A malfunction of the gear shifting wire can also be the reason for this.

4. Slipping Transmission Gears

when you are driving your vehicle, and in some circumstances, the vehicle needs more power. So suddenly the set gear slips and the engine of the vehicle becomes free and overspeeds, due to which the RPM of your vehicle’s engine suddenly increases rapidly. This situation can be dangerous for any vehicle.

Due to which the gear slip of a vehicle can cause the turbocharger to fail due to the engine overrunning. Or the vehicle may back down very quickly due to a gear slip while climbing a hill, which can lead to a dangerous situation. Some other symptoms of a slipping gear may include delayed acceleration, strange noises, and a harsh process you may experience when you try to shift gears.

5. Leakage Transmission Fluid

If you are parking your vehicle in a parking lot or garage, after some time, you will see a red color or any kind of fluid-like leak under the transmission of the vehicle. So it could be a fluid leakage problem in your transmission. But sometimes oil can leak between the transmission and the engine, which could be because of the main seal of the crankshaft. To confirm this, you should have your vehicle inspected and repaired by a certified mechanic.

6. Grinding Sound

When changing gears while driving a vehicle, there is a sound of gears grinding or colliding with each other. So it could be a sign of a fault in the transmission of the vehicle. These symptoms can also occur if the clutch system of the vehicle is faulty. Therefore, for such defects in the vehicle, get it inspected by an expert, certified mechanic. And fix the disease in the transmission of the vehicle.

7. Unusual Noise

When you are driving a vehicle fast. So you may hear or feel a strange buzzing inside the vehicle, which can be due to a fault in the transmission of the vehicle. But in some vehicles, this audible echo can also be due to the bearings of the wheels, which you will have to get inspected by an expert, certified mechanic, and this buzz in the vehicle has to be corrected.

8. Sound in Neutral Position

When your vehicle is in the idle position. And is in a neutral position. Then you may hear strange noises coming from your vehicle’s transmission system, which may sound like something is rubbing off. This sound can be caused by poor or too-old transmission fluid in your vehicle.

Therefore, in the case of these sounds coming from the transmission, get the transmission service of the vehicle done from a certified mechanic garage. The mechanic will also be able to check for any other reasons for these noises appearing in the transmission. so that there is no major damage to the transmission system of your vehicle.

9. Dragging and Unresponsive Clutch

In this problem, if the clutch pedal of the vehicle is pressed, the clutch plate cannot separate from the flywheel, with which the gears collide and make a strange sound and the vehicle shakes with a slight jerk when gear is changed because this does not turn off the main power supply of the transmission. And this time comes in transmission.

10. Unresponsive Transmission Gears

When you try to accelerate a vehicle from a stopped position. But the transmission of the vehicle does not give any kind of response. That means even after giving gear to the vehicle, it remains in the stopped position. So this is a symptom of a major fault in the transmission system of the vehicle. Such a vehicle may need to be towed to the mechanic’s garage.

Transmission Repair Cost

Typically, the cost of a full transmission repair can range from $300 to $600, and the repair cost for the complete clutch assembly, including the transmission, can range from $300 to $500. Additionally, it can cost between $150 and $200 to repair a transmission fluid leak, and to replace a solenoid in the transmission, it can cost up to $150 to $400.

If there is any problem with the transmission gears. So repairing transmission gears can be a better and more economical option than replacing them. if a vehicle has a manual transmission.

Rebuilt Transmissions Cost

The cost of getting a transmission rebuilt usually depends on the model and size of the vehicle. The estimated cost of rebuilding a vehicle’s transmission can range from $2700 to $3500, depending on the mechanic’s labor.


Q. How much is a transmission?

  • Transmission repair costs can range from $300 to $600.
  • The cost of mechanics labor to repair a transmission can range from $300 to $1100.
  • A new solenoid in the transmission can cost up to $150–400.
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding a vehicle’s transmission can range from $2700 to $3500.

Q. What are common transmission problems?

Slipping of transmission gears while shifting gears and during acceleration in a moving car, producing a grinding sound, getting stuck when changing gears, buzzing in a running transmission, a burning smell of transmission fluid, transmission fluid leakage, etc.

Q. What causes transmission to fail?

Slipping, audible symptoms, a lack of fluid from leaks, overheating, or external causes that affect the transmission can all lead to transmission failure.

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