Transmission Whining Noise When Accelerating : Causes & Fixes

tranmission whining noise

Many parts of a vehicle play an important role in the successful running of cars and other vehicles. such as the engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, tires and electric system. Transmission is also a very important part of any vehicle. Two types of transmission are commonly used. Manual transmission and automatic transmission.

But sometimes, with the passage of time, some problems start coming in the transmission of the vehicle. such as transmissions making whining noises during acceleration. Through this article, we will get detailed information about the causes of whining noise during acceleration in transmission.

Causes Of A Transmission Whining Noise When Accelerating

Causes of transmission whining noise when accelerating are low transmission fluid level, damaged bearings, broken gears, worn clutch plates, damaged clutch release bearings, a malfunctioning fluid pump, or a faulty torque converter.

1. Low Transmission Fluid

low transmission fluid

Transmission fluid provides lubrication for the internal parts of the transmission and the gear set. so that friction and heat can be reduced during the rotation of the gears of the transmission and noise caused by friction between gears can be reduced. Transmission fluid makes gear shifting easy and smooth.

The gear selector can be easily operated by the lubricant. But due to low transmission fluid, the internal parts of the transmission and the gear set start losing lubrication. Due to this, during acceleration of the vehicle, more friction occurs due to the gear rotating at a higher speed and a whining noise can be felt or heard from the transmission while accelerating.

2. Damege Bearings

worn transmission bearing

Bearings are provided in the gear shaft for smooth rotation of the set of gears in the transmission. so that the gear set can run smoothly without any friction and eliminate any looseness in the gear shaft. But sometimes the bearings on the gear shaft start to deteriorate due to a lack of lubrication, due to which the transmission gear shaft bearing starts rubbing.

And a worn out transmission gear shaft bearing causes a whining noise to come from the transmission during acceleration of the vehicle and this transmission noise can be heard in the cabin when the vehicle is running and this noise gets louder on acceleration.

3. Broken Gears

broken tranmission gears

The transmission of any vehicle consists of different sizes of toothed gears. All these are fitted in the gear transmission in the form of bunches by nuts and bolts. Due to this, the transmission gear gets the power of the engine and the gear set by the driver moves together. But sometimes, due to low fluid in the transmission or due to some shock, the gear teeth break or get damaged, which causes whining noises to start coming from the transmission during acceleration of the vehicle. So always keep the transmission fluid level full at all times.

4. Worn Clutch Plate

worn clutch plate

Manual transmission vehicles often have a clutch assembly. The clutch assembly is used to engage or disengage power from the vehicle’s engine to the transmission. The clutch plate engages the flywheel of the engine in the vehicle’s clutch assembly and drives a shaft in the transmission key.

But sometimes, due to wear and tear on the clutch plate, a whining noise starts coming from the transmission while the vehicle is moving, and this type of transmission whining noise loud to get louder as the vehicle accelerates.

5. Damage Clutch Release Bearing

Release Bearing & Fork

In manual transmissions for cars and other large vehicles, the fork clutch release bearing is mounted in the clutch assembly. by which the clutch works when the clutch pedal is depressed. But sometimes this fork clutch release bearing gets damaged. This causes the clutch release bearing to make a humming noise in the transmission when the engine’s power is continuously transferred to the transmission.

Hence when the vehicle is in motion. Then you hear a whining noise coming out of the transmission due to a bad clutch release bearing, This noise gets worse on acceleration and when pressing the clutch pedal.

6. Malfunctioning Fluid Pump

automatic transmission fluid pump

Automatic transmissions in modern cars and other vehicles are equipped with a transmission fluid pump to lubricate the internal parts. This transmission fluid pump supplies fluid to the gears, selector, and other parts of the automatic transmission.

so that every internal part of the automatic transmission can be lubricated. and reduce the friction between the gears of the automatic transmission. But sometimes the fluid pump of the automatic transmission stops supplying fluid to the entire transmission due to failure.

Due to which the gears and bearings of the automatic transmission start producing noise or hum due to friction. Sometimes a bad automatic transmission fluid pump can result in the complete failure of the entire automatic transmission.

How To Fix Transmission Whining Noise When Accelerating

To fix this type of transmission noise, you must first investigate its cause. so that this type of problem can be detected and fixed.

1. Check Transmission Fluid Level & Condition

Fluid is used in all types of vehicle transmissions to provide lubrication to the internal parts of the transmission. So that the functioning of transmission can be made more smooth and the gears of the transmission can be protected from friction. So always check the transmission fluid level of your vehicle. If the fluid level is only low, top off the transmission fluid level.

2. Check Fluid Pump

If a whining noise has been coming from the automatic transmission of your vehicle for some time now, consult your owner’s manual. Then you should check the automatic transmission fluid pump. Because the fluid pump in your vehicle’s automatic transmission supplies lubricant to lubricate internal parts and gears. But a bad transmission fluid pump can stop the supply of fluid to the transmission. Due to which due to lack of lubrication in the transmission system, it is called noise due to gear friction.

3. Check For Worn Bearings

Whenever your vehicle’s transmission starts making whining noises, the main reason for this can also be the bad bearings on the transmission shaft. You will need to separate the transmission from the engine for this and after that, check all the bearings on the transmission and replace the bad one with a new one.

4. Check Clutch Plate

Often, whining noise starts coming from the transmission when the clutch plate is worn or damaged in manual transmission. Therefore, if there is such a noise in the transmission, then definitely check the clutch plate and replace the new clutch plate if the clutch plate is damaged.

5. Check Worn or Broken Gears

In this process, you will have to take the vehicle to a mechanic’s garage to get the transmission gear set checked. Because in this process, you have to separate the transmission from the engine to check the teeth of the gear set and the transmission has to be opened up as well. Your vehicle’s transmission gear set will then be checked by the mechanic. If any of these gears is broken or damaged. Then that gear has to be replaced with a new one.

However, you may need to rebuild the entire transmission if all of the transmission’s gears are damaged. Or replace with a new transmission. But remember, rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be costly.


Q. Why is my transmission making a whining noise?

The main causes of transmission whining noises are a dirty transmission fluid level or a blocked fluid line, due to which the internal parts of the transmission start getting lubricated, due to which the transmission gears start making noise due to friction.

Q. Can dirty transmission fluid cause whining?

Yes, dirty transmission fluid can cause whining noises from the transmission. because dirty fluid can block the flutter system and fluid line. Due to this, the internal parts of the transmission do not get a sufficient amount of lubrication and the noise is generated due to the friction of the internal parts of the transmission.

Q. How much does it cost to fix a whining transmission?

Replacing and rebuilding a transmission is a costly task. Transmission replacement costs may range from $1600 to $3200. However, the cost of repairing the transmission can range from $500 to $1300.

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