Hood Latch Won’t Close : Causes, Fixes & Replacement Cost

The hood of any car is the part that covers the engine and other parts. The hood can be opened or closed as needed. But sometimes, for some reason, the hood latch of the car does not close. A car hood latch not closing can be a real concern. Because the air pressure may cause the hood of the car to rise up and come on the windshield during high speed of the car and the driver may lose control of the car due to breakage of the windshield or loss of visibility.

In this article, we will learn in detail about the causes of the hood latch not closing and how to fix it, as well as the cost of repairing the hood latch.

Why Doesn’t Car Hood Latch Close? – Causes

Causes for the hood latch not closing may include a damaged hood latch, a misaligned hood, a broken hood release cable, a bent or Damaged Hood, Debris or Corrosion issues, and a jammed latch mechanism.

Let us know in detail the reasons for the hood latch of any vehicle not closing so that you can fix it in time.

1. Damaged Hood Latch

Often, the cause of a vehicle’s hood not closing properly is a loose or damaged hood latch component. Because the hood latch, over a long period of time without lubrication, can become loose due to excessive wear and tear and difficulty in closing the hood latch.

2. Misaligned Hood

The hood latch may also be difficult to close if your vehicle’s hood is misaligned. Because misalignment of the hood can disrupt the functionality of the latch, Hence, the latch mechanism becomes unable to lock the hood.

3. Broken Hood Release Cable

Sometimes the release wire that connects the hood latch to the release handle lever breaks, or the wire can get stuck in the hood open position. That’s why the hood latch seems to have trouble closing.

4. Bent or Damaged Hood

If the hood of your vehicle is bent or damaged for some reason, this may also prevent it from engaging properly with the hood latch. Therefore, the hood latch may be completely unable to close.

5. Debris or Corrosion Issue

Hood latches in vehicles are made of metal. Therefore, it is a common phenomenon for the hood latch to get worn or rusted. If the hood latch is not lubricated from time to time, it may wear out, or corrosion may cause the latch mechanism to fail completely.

6. Jammed Latch Mechanism

In extremely cold weather, the hood latch mechanism can freeze up. Often, in environments where the weather is extremely cold due to freezing ice, the hood latch can become stuck and be unable to close.

How To Fix A Hood Latch That Won’t Close

Lubricate the hood latch and cable to fix the hood latch. If the problem is still not resolved, repair or replace the damaged parts.

1. Check For Damaged Components

If your vehicle is having trouble closing the hood latch, the first thing to do is inspect the hood latch mechanism and make sure all components are working properly. If the hood latch and associated parts are worn or damaged, they will need to be replaced.

2. Check Hood Alignment

Sometimes, misalignment of the hood of your vehicle may also cause the hood latch to not close. So check the alignment of the hood of the vehicle, if the alignment of the hood is wrong, correct the alignment of the hood so that the hood and latch can be easily engaged.

 3. Replace Hood Release Wire

Sometimes, a broken release wire is one of the reasons the hood latch won’t close in vehicles. if the hood release wire is broken or stuck in the open position. So replace the hood release wire for this.

4. De-ice The Latch Mechanism

In extreme cold weather conditions, the hood latch mechanism may freeze. That’s why hot water should be kept pouring on the hood latch in such a situation. After some time, the ice will melt and the hood latch mechanism will be freed.

Cost To Fix A Hood That Won’t Close

Several factors can affect the cost of repairing a hood latch. Because if this problem is fixed only by repair without replacement of any parts, then its repair can be expected to cost around $20 to $50. But if there is a need to replace any parts, then it can become a matter of high cost.

Hood Latch Replacement Cost

The cost of hood latch replacement in vehicles depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the labor cost of the mechanic. In typical cars, hood latch replacement costs can average between $150 and $200, and this cost may include the labor cost of having a mechanic replace the hood latch.

Expect the actual cost of the hood latch parts to average between $90 and $110, and to have it replaced by a mechanic for between $60 and $90. However, the labor cost may be more or less depending on the location of the mechanics.

Hood Latch Release Cable Replacement Cost

Hood latch release cable replacement in vehicles can be directly affected by vehicle model, mechanic’s labor cost and location. In cars, the hood latch release cable replacement cost can be expected to range from $65 to $125 on average.

In typical vehicles, the cost of a hood latch release cable can average between $40 and $75, and expect a mechanic’s labor cost to be between $25 and $50. However, these costs may be more or less depending on the location of the mechanic.


Q. How do you adjust a hood latch?

If you are facing an alignment problem, close the hood. For this, you can adjust the hood latch. For this, you open the hood and loosen the nuts of the hood latch and adjust according to the position of the hood, and tighten the nuts again.

Q. What happens if you drive with your hood popped?

If you drive the vehicle with the hood open, it can also lead to a serious accident. Because during high speed of the vehicle, the hood can suddenly rise up due to the air pressure and damage the roof and windshield of the vehicle.

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