Why 2013 & 2015 VW Passat Trunk Won’t Open : Causes & Solutions

VW Passat Trunk Won't Open

Sometimes, VW Passat trunk won’t open can be more difficult and challenging. If you have gone out for some work or outing in your VW Passat car, then suddenly there may be a problem opening the trunk of the vw car.

However, it may be easier for you to open it if you know what is causing it or how to open it manually. In this article, we will get information about the reasons why the VW Passat trunk won’t open and how to open it manually.

Why Your VW Passat Trunk Won’t Open – Causes

The main causes of a VW Passat trunk not opening are valet mode activation, an incorrect valet key, or a faulty valet button. Most of all, according to the VW mechanic, the most common reason for the trunk not opening in a VW Pasaat car is due to Valet mode being activated.

Valet mode has been installed by the company for the security of the trunk in the VW Passat car. When the car is parked by the driver in a parking lot, shopping center, or on the road, valet mode is used to manage the access of an outsider inside the car. However, many VW Passat car drivers forget to turn off the car after activating the Valet mode while parked in a parking lot or shopping complex, as the Valet button is hidden.

The VW Passat is designed to manage access for an unknown person when valet mode is activated in the car.  If you can’t open the trunk of a VW Passat car, you can check whether the valet mode is activated or not. The Valet Mode button can be found in the upper left corner of the glove box compartment.

When Valet Mode is activated, you will see a locked car symbol, and an orange color also indicates that the Valet Mode button is active. When this happens, you will have to turn off the valet mode by pressing the button, and after this, the trunk of the VW Passat car will open.

Other Possible Cuases Of VW Passat Trunk Opening Issues

Other causes of a VW Passat trunk not opening may include a faulty key fob, dead or low-voltage battery, blown fuse, faulty trunk latch, electrical component failure, or a faulty tailgate lock-unlock switch.

1. Faulty Key Fob

Sometimes, the trunk may be unable to open due to a worn or broken trunk key fob. If the trunk opens easily with the trunk-related lever, it could be a symptom of a faulty key fob. The operation of the trunk key fob should be checked from time to time so that you do not have to deal with the problem of suddenly not opening the trunk while out on the road.

2. Dead or Low-Voltage Battery

If the car’s battery is dead or has low voltage, there will not be enough power to operate the trunk release mechanism, causing problems with the button or sensor opening the trunk.

3. Fuse Blown

Fuses are often used to protect electronic components of vehicles and to allow electrical current to flow through the components. These fuses provide protection to the components and associated wiring. There is also a power fuse in the trunk release mechanism, so sometimes even when this fuse is blown, there is a problem opening the trunk.

4. Bad Trunk Latch

If your VW Passat’s trunk is having a hard time opening and you’ve tried everything to open it, most likely the trunk latch is bad. For this, you will need a mechanic to open the trunk and replace its latch.

5. Electrical Component Failures

In modern cars, many electrical components perform the function of opening the trunk. But sometimes any of these electrical components can go wrong, such as with a faulty trunk lock actuator or wiring problems.

6. Faulty Tailgate Lock-Unlock Switch

Sometimes your VW Passat’s tailgate lock-unlock switch can get damaged. If there is nothing wrong with your car’s key fob system, then the main reason could be a faulty lock-unlock switch.

What To Do If Your VW Passat Trunk Won’t Open : DIY Fixes

  • Identifying The Cause : The first thing you should do is investigate why your VW Passat trunk is jammed.
  • Check Wallet Mode : The reason for the VW Passat trunk not opening could be active wallet mode.
  • Read Service Manual : Then read the service manual of your vehicle to know how to open a stuck VW Passat trunk from inside.
  • Lubrication Techniques : To maintain the smooth operation of the VW Passat trunk mechanism, make sure that the latch mechanism is not lacking in lubrication. If so, lubricate it.
  • Adjusting Latch : In many cases, misalignment in the VW Passat trunk can also cause this problem. So take appropriate steps to correct the alignment of the trunk.
  • Inspect Wiring & Connections : In many cases, electrical issues can also be the cause of this problem. So check and troubleshoot electrical problems in the VW Passat trunk.

How To Open The VW Passat trunk manually?

If you are having trouble opening the trunk of your VW Passat, you can try opening the trunk manually. Follow the step-by-step process to open the VW Passat trunk manually.

  • First of all, you have to fold the back driver’s seat of the VW Passat car.
  • Next, you should locate the emergency trunk release lever.
  • After this, you have to remove the cover of the emergency trunk release lever box with a screwdriver.
  • After this, you will have to press the latch by hooking the screwdriver into the tailgate latch of the trunk.
  • After this, pull the trunk latch, and the trunk will open.

Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your VW Passat Trunk Working Smoothly

  • Perform Regular Cleaning : Keep the VW Passat trunk area free of debris and dirt to prevent blockage of the latch mechanism.
  • Perform Proper Lubrication : Apply lubricant to the hinges, latches, and moving parts of the trunk to ensure smooth operation of the lock mechanism of the trunk.
  • Pay Attention To Trunk Alignment : Periodically check trunk components for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment to avoid misalignment of the trunk latch.
  • Electrical System Check : Test the trunk release button and switch to make sure they are functioning correctly. Also, keep an eye on damage to the wiring.
  • Avoid Rough Handling : Avoid slamming the trunk hard, as this can damage the latch and other components over time.

Is the VW Passat Trunk Release Covered Under My Insurance Policy?

Getting the trunk released or repaired by a mechanic depends on the type of insurance policy, because some insurance companies cover truck release and repair under specific policies. But some insurance companies do not cover trunk release or related repairs on a policy basis.

Therefore, you should check every aspect while taking your car insurance policy and for this you can ask the insurance policy agent about this, so that even the smallest repair of your car can be covered in the insurance policy.


Q. Why won’t my trunk open with my key fob?

The most common reason is that when your vehicle’s battery is dead or the voltage drops too low, the electrical component that releases the trunk may not function properly, causing the trunk not to open with the key fob. However, it may also have other mechanical defects.

Q. Where is the emergency trunk release?

The location for the emergency release of the trunk is often on the drive side, where you can release the truck lock by pulling on the release wire. But in some cars, instead of the trunk emergency release, the rear seats can be folded down.

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