Water Leaking In Car When It Rains : 9 Causes & How To Fix It

water leaking in car when it rains

Water leaking in the car when it rains is a common problem in old cars. Often when the car is taken out in the rain or parked somewhere in the open, rainwater starts leaking inside the car, due to which moisture starts accumulating in the cabin, due to which a strange smell starts coming. In many cases, water leaking inside the car can damage electronic components, and prolonged exposure to moisture can damage car floors.

Through this article, you will know in detail the reasons for water leakage in your car when it is raining, so that when rain starts leaking in your car, you can solve this problem.

Why is Water Leaking In The Car When It Rains

If your car is leaking water when it rains, possible causes could be a cracked windshield, damaged door glass, damaged weather strip, faulty sunroof or moonroof, clogged drainage system, or a faulty door seal.

Let us know in detail the reasons for water leakage in the car when it rains, so that you can solve this problem.

1. Broken Windshield or Door Glass

Often, when it rains in vehicles, the reason for water leakage in the car may be the breakage of the windshield or door glass or the improper closure of the side glass. If the windshield of your car is broken, then water starts leaking in the car when it rains or when the car is driven or parked outside. Also, if any of the door glass in your car is broken or does not close properly, water can leak into the cabin of your car when it rains or when you wash your car.

2. Damaged Weather strip

Weather stripping in cars and other vehicles is the component that seals the doors and windows of your car. From which water leakage is sealed. If the weather stripping is damaged or worn, water may seep into the car when it rains or is washed. However, more or less water seepage depends on whether the weather stripping is more or less damaged.

3. Clogged Drainage System

The drainage system in your car is designed by the company to remove water that collects on the roof and windshield. But in many cases, if the drainage system gets clogged, the water in the car may overflow and cause water to leak inside the car. Often, water overflow occurs due to blockage of the drainage system in the car and the main reason for this is the accumulation of garbage or debris in the drainage system.

4. Faulty Door Seal

The rubber seals around the doors of your car are fitted by the company, but the rubber seals on the car doors can become loose or damaged over time, allowing water to seep in. These rubber seals on the doors of the car prevent the water coming from outside from entering the cabin of the car.

5. Defective Sunroof or Moonroof

If your car has a sunroof or moonroof, the system has a drainage tube that allows water to drain out. If these tubes become clogged, water can back up and leak into the car. In many cases, water leaks into the car cabin due to damage to the rubber seals of the sunroof or moonroof, or when the glass is broken or the glass is not closed properly.

6. Rusted Body Panels

Over time in cars, body panels can become damaged or rusted, creating small holes or gaps that allow water to enter or the panel may crack and water starts leaking into the trunk of the car while washing the car or when it rains.

7. Broken Taillights

Often in cars, water can enter the trunk through faulty taillights, backup lights, or other electrical components that are not properly sealed. Because the tail light of the car is always attached to the trunk, if the tail light is broken or cracked, it causes water leakage in the trunk when it rains or while washing the car.

8. Damaged Rear Windshield

If your car’s rear windshield is not installed properly, or the rear windshield is damaged, water can leak through the gap and into the trunk. In many cases, the rubber seal of the car’s rear windshield is damaged and may be unable to prevent water from leaking into the car trunk.

9. Damage Trunk Rubber Seal

There is a rubber seal in the trunk of the car that prevents the leakage of water into the car trunk. But sometimes the car trunk rubber seal gets damaged or loose, and due to this, water starts leaking in the trunk when it rains or while washing the car.

How To Fix Water Leaking in Car When It Rains?

To fix a water leak in the cabin and trunk of a car, you must first investigate the cause of the leak.

  • Check the weather stripping for any damage or wear, if the front or rear weather stripping is damaged or loose, consider replacing it.
  • Check drainage system, door seals and windshield/windows. If you find any problems, they will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Always check windshield glass and door rubber seals as well.
  • From time to time, any debris in the drainage system of the car’s sunroof or moonroof should be cleaned as it can block the drainage system or sunroof/moonroof drainage tubes and cause water to overflow into the cabin or trunk of the car. Starts leaking.

Puddle Under Car When Parked

If you find a dent under your parked car, it could be a sign of a fluid leak. You can identify a leak by the color and location of the fluid, which can help you diagnose the problem. If you notice clear water under the stern of a car, it is likely condensation from the air conditioning system, while green, pink, or brown fluid may indicate a coolant or transmission fluid leak. However, the dark-colored fluid may also be oil. It is important to address the leak immediately to prevent any damage to the vehicle.

Car Leaking Water Underneath Passenger Side

If water is leaking under the passenger side of your car, it could be due to two main reasons. A common cause can be a malfunctioning air conditioning system, where condensation can accumulate in the drain system and water from the air conditioning system can flow onto the passenger side floor. Another possibility is damage to the passenger side floor, causing rainwater or other liquids to collect underneath.


Q. How do I stop my car from leaking in the rain?

A. To prevent water leakage in the car in the rain, you must first investigate its causes. Thereafter, you will need to repair or get the cause of rain water leaking into the car and replace the damaged or loose components.

Q. Is it ok for your car to leak water?

A. It is not a common occurrence for water to seep into your car in the rain or while washing the car. This starts damaging the interior and other electrical components of your car. Often, dampness in the cabin due to water leakage in the car can lead to strange odors and due to prolonged dampness, the floor of your car tends to rust.

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