Why Is Your Vehicle Leaking Brake Fluid: How to Identify and Fix It?

Brake Fluid Pipe Line Leak

Modern vehicles are equipped with hydraulic brakes. Because hydraulic brakes are more effective than older technology. Fluid plays an important role in hydraulic brakes, exerting pressure on the brake caliper piston when braking, which squeezes the brake pads on the caliper rotor and forces the rotor to stop with friction. But sometimes due to some … Read more

Electric Trailer Brakes Not Working : Causes & How To Fix

Trailer Brakes Not Working

Trailer brakes not working can be a really serious problem when you ignore this problem and drive your towing trailer at high speed. Because trailer brakes do not work properly, the trailer may push your towing vehicle while stopping at high speed, causing the towing vehicle and trailer to lose control. Therefore, whenever you are … Read more

Temporary Fix For Stuck Brake Caliper

temporary fix for stuck brake caliper

You look for a “temporary fix for a stuck brake caliper” when your vehicle has a stuck brake caliper for whatever reason. Often, when you are on the road with your vehicle or your vehicle has been parked for some time, the brake calipers of your vehicle get stuck for some reason or another, making … Read more

Why Does Your Steering Wheel Shake When Braking : Causes & Quick Fixes

steering wheel

Steering wheel shaking when braking can become a serious problem if this problem is ignored for a long time. The function of steering in vehicles is to turn and control the vehicle in any direction. But sometimes you may have to face many problems regarding the steering system. Like, steering wheel shakes when braking. In … Read more

Why Is My ABS Light On : Causes, Meaning & Fixes


Illumination of the ABS light in vehicles is a common problem, which refers to problem with the ABS brake system of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving at high speed, the ABS braking system prevents the vehicle’s wheels from locking when braking. But many times, when there is some kind of problem with the … Read more

What Are Calipers On A Car : Diagram, Types, Symptoms & Replacement Cost

What Are Calipers On A Car

Disc brakes are being used in modern vehicles. Because disc brakes are more effective than older technology and have more power, Disc brakes are capable of slowing or stopping the vehicle suddenly. Various parts are used in disc brake systems. Such as rotors, pistons, master cylinders, brake pads, and calipers. Brake calipers are a vital … Read more

How To Adjust Trailer Brakes : 6 Easy Steps

How To Adjust Trailer Brakes

Often, when safely towing a trailer, trailer brake adjustment is overlooked, knowingly or unknowingly, which is a sign of an inexperienced driver. Always keep in mind that properly adjusted brakes not only increase the safety of your towing experience but also contribute to the longevity of your trailer’s braking system, reducing premature failure of trailer … Read more

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