Why Your Vehicle Airbag Light Is On : Causes & Fixes

airbag warning light

Airbags have become an essential device in modern vehicles. Depending on the modernity and luxury of the vehicle, it may have one airbag or eight to ten airbags, which provide protection to the driver and other passengers in the vehicle during an accident.

But sometimes, even when the airbags are not deployed, the airbag warning light displays on the dashboard and remains on continuously. This warning light indicates a malfunction in the airbag system, which could cause the airbag to fail to deploy in a crash. In this post, you will learn in detail about the reasons why the airbag warning light turns on, so that you can find out the reasons in time and prevent damage to the airbag system.

Why Your Vehicle Airbag Light is On – Causes

If the airbag warning light is on despite the airbag not deploying, common causes could be a bad airbag battery backup, a damaged airbag connector, a bad airbag sensor, wiring problems, faulty airbag lock springs, or a bad or wet airbag module.

Let us take a detailed look at the reasons why the airbag warning light comes on despite the airbag not deploying, so that you can take appropriate steps to troubleshoot it.

1. Depleted Airbag Battery Backup

The airbag system has a backup battery, which keeps the airbag sensor active. This airbag backup battery receives charging from the vehicle’s main battery. But if the main battery of your vehicle remains discharged for a long time or remains disconnected for some reason, the backup battery that powers the airbag is also discharged.

After which, an error occurs in the airbag signal sensor, because of which the airbag light turns on, which will show or bling in the cluster meter of the vehicle. To fix this error, charge the main battery in the vehicle and connect the terminals, and reset the airbag sensor. also recharge the backup battery. Reset the error code by scanning the vehicle with a digital scanner.

2. Damaged Airbag Wire Connector

The airbag works on an electric mechanism system. And there are many electrical wires attached to the airbag system, which provide power output to the airbag sensor, from which the airbag sensor receives the signal and at the time of the accident, the airbag sensor activated the airbag through these wires, and the airbags opened.

But sometimes the wire connectors of the airbag system can be damaged or disconnected, due to which the airbag warning light gets turned on in the cluster meter of the vehicle, which will be checked through a digital scanner or an airbag checking special kit to fix.

4. Airbag Sensor Malfunction

airbag sensor

The airbag system works on the basis of sensors, which activate the sensor airbag in case of an accident, which then sends a signal to the airbag module. But sometimes there is some kind of error in the airbag sensor, or the sensor gets damaged, due to which the airbag light turns on in the cluster meter of the vehicle.

To fix this error, you have to first scan the vehicle with the scanner, and the sensor will have to be reset. If the airbag sensor is damaged, a new airbag sensor will have to be reset and installed, and finally, the fault code has to be reset.

5. Airbag Clock Springs Malfunction

Airbag clock springs

And the system is fitted with airbag clock springs to prevent damage to the wire in the rotation of the driver’s steering wheel, which keeps the airbag power and signal input/output wires at a distance from the steering wheel. But sometimes these airbag clock springs get damaged due to old age, due to which the airbag light turns on in the cluster meter of the vehicle.

And sometimes, even pressing the airbag cover in the steering wheel stops the horn. To fix this airbag error, the airbag clock springs will need to be replaced with a new one and then reset the error code from the digital scanner.

6. Corroded or Wet Airbag Module

airbag module

To make the airbag system fully functional, airbag modules are usually installed under the driver and passenger seats in the vehicle. If for any reason water has entered your vehicle. So the airbag module shorts out or some kind of error occurs in the module, which indicates a failure of the airbag system.

Due to this, the airbag light in the cluster meter of the vehicle turns on, which indicates a malfunction of the airbag. To fix this airbag error, you need to find out about the bad condition of the airbag system.

If the airbag module is defective, it will need to be repaired and reset by an airbag expert electrician, or else a genuine new airbag module will have to be installed from the vehicle company. After this, rescan the vehicle once with a digital scanner and reset the fault code.


Q. Is it safe to drive my car with the airbag light on?

By the way, with the light of the airbag there is no problem in driving the vehicle. But the airbag light visible in the cluster meter of the vehicle is an indication of some fault in the function of the airbag system.

Due to the burning of this airbag, the given airbags are not deployed to protect the vehicle in case of an emergency. Due to this, the airbags are unable to open. Therefore, it is not advisable to drive the vehicle with the airbag lights on.

Q. Can I disable the airbag system in my car?

No, you cannot disable Airbag under any circumstances. However, you can disable the passenger seat airbag, and for that, the vehicle should have an on/off switch on the passenger airbag.

Q. How do I test my SRS airbag?

Testing an airbag without experience can be harmful to the airbag system and fail to open the airbag in an emergency. Still, if you want to test the SRS airbag, start the engine by turning on the ignition of the vehicle, and then disconnect the wire connector of the airbag’s module. Now, the airbag light will start flashing in the cluster meter.

Q. How much does it cost to repair SRS Light?

The cost of repairing an SRS light depends on the model of the vehicle, the component perishable and the repair location + the mechanic’s labor. Typically, the cost of repairing an SRS light can range from $100 to $1200.

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